Leading with a Payment Works

Vendors and resellers are 3.4 times more likely to include higher margin services when leading with a payment.

1 Easy Way to Sell High-Margin Services

Here’s a stat that should get you excited: Since March 2021, there’s been a 48% increase companies “highly interested” in financing their next technology purchase.

That’s great news for brokers like you.

But that’s not all: In a recent survey* of more than 1200 technology buyers:

  • 68% of companies finance their technology purchases
  • Vendors and resellers who lead with payments see shorter sales cycles (68 days with financing compared to 91 days without financing)
  • Since March 2021, the following industries have increased technology investment by more than 40%:
    • Healthcare
    • Biomed/pharma
    • Retail
    • Food and beverage
    • Transportation/logistics
    • Information technology services providers

Our most eye-catching findings:

  • Investment in remote work technologies is up 1210% over 2019 levels
  • As-a-service spending for software acquisition is up 309% over 2019 levels
  • Vendors and resellers that lead with a payment are 3.4x more likely to include higher margin services

Leading with a payment option works. Use this research to inform your sales efforts and help technology vendors understand where they can set their strategies to be most effective. If they lead with a payment, they are far more likely to sell more, faster and with higher margin managed services while meeting total customer needs.

Don’t forget: As a long-time funder of the broker channel able fund all types of technologies, we can help. TimePayment offers flexible monthly payment options for equipment needs starting at $500 and reaching to $500,000 and beyond. You can trust our innovative technology tools and creative capital to offer a straightforward, fast, and competitive program for dealers they can be confident to lead with.

*1H22 Greenwich | Sawbux Survey of Commercial Finance Decision Making

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