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Chances are, if you’re selling equipment, we’ve financed it. There are no costs to you to join our Vendor Program, only benefits. When you team up with TimePayment, you can offer your customers financing for their equipment purchases, and close more sales as a result.

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Equipment Seller Program Benefits

Wondering what the benefits of working with TimePayment are for Equipment Sellers?

You’ve come to the right place! Our mission to help our Vendors sell better is the foundation behind every program we offer at TimePayment. Each element of our process has been refined to make you more effective at closing more deals, maximizing your commissions, and making the process easy and fast.

  • ✓ Close More Sales
  • Our finance programs are designed to enable businesses of all sizes and strength, including new entities. We can help the customers other financial institutions refuse, with transactions starting as low as $500.
  • ✓ No Risk, No Recourse*
  • There’s no risk for you to start offering your customers financing through TimePayment. If your customer defaults on their lease, we will deal with them directly to resolve the issue and you will never receive a chargeback or bill.
  • *“No Money Down”, Water, and Bankcard Programs are not included.
  • ✓ Close Faster & Get Paid Faster
  • Receive instant credit decisions for deals under $10,000. For transactions above $10,000 you will receive a credit decision within 4 hours. Same-day funding is available; receive your commission payment within hours of transaction closure.
  • ✓ Receive 100% of Equipment Selling Price
  • Unlike when your customers use credit cards to finance their equipment purchase, TimePayment will fund the full invoice amount to the seller, every time. Yes, that’s right. Encouraging customers who would otherwise use a credit card to finance their purchase with TimePayment will actually help you keep more of your ticket price than a credit card company will.
  • ✓ Maintain Your Profit Margins
  • Financing equipment purchases with TimePayment gives customers the option of an affordable monthly payment. Eliminate challenging price negotiations with your customers by selling an affordable monthly payment, and sell more equipment at full price.
  • ✓ Eliminate Paperwork
  • From initial application, to obtaining an electronic signature with our industry-leading proprietary technology- complete a transaction in 10 minutes using a single web interface. Simple.
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Sales Tools

TimePayment’s advanced financing products and online sales tools help you sell better, sell more, and provide your customers with fast, easy, affordable financing:

Advanced Financing Products: Start anywhere in our service model to provide financing to your customers and our capabilities grow along with your business needs. Deeper integrations, dedicated sales agents and advanced finance technology and products are available when you are ready.

Online Sales Tools: Provide your customers with TimePayment financing options directly through your website. Enable your team to close more deals by making it easy for them to to offer affordable financing.

Enrollment Process

Offering financing helps you close sales faster and beat your competition. By turning equipment purchases into affordable monthly installments, customers don’t have to sweat burning cash for large one-time payments. TimePayment finance programs cover businesses of all sizes and strength, including day-one startups.

Seller Enrollment Process

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Equipment Seller Resources

Find everything you need to join our Vendor Program and start selling better here.

Seller Resources

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Financing Solutions for Your Industry

Chances are, if you need equipment for your business or home, we’ve financed it. Click the links below to learn about our equipment financing solutions for each industry.

Industry Solutions

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With rapid credit decisions, a clear online process and comprehensive funding within hours, we have programs that can support your customers – of all credit profiles and sizes. Join our Vendor Program today.

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