Selling With Financing

Learn how financing can help your business grow

Selling With Financing

Learn how financing can help your business grow

Why Offer Equipment Lease Financing?

When more customers can afford your products and services, you can close more sales. TimePayment’s flexible programs and smart website integrations make offering lease financing easy—at no cost to you. No matter the equipment type or industry, we can help raise your order totals and build your customer base.

How to Sell With Financing: 3 Big Tips

Close more sales

from start to finish.

Our programs are designed to empower you to sell to businesses of all sizes and strengths, including start-ups. Without lease financing, you’re stuck with offering the sticker price—and if your customer can’t afford that, they either have to secure a bank loan or walk away. Worse yet, they might turn to a competitor who can offer them financing. That’s a sale you can’t afford to lose.

Always sell the monthly payment,

not the equipment price.

The best sales reps always sell using a monthly payment. Why? It takes the attention off the total price tag. Plus, it’s often easier for customers to plan for monthly payments that fit into their business’ regular cash flow. Selling this way also requires less discounting—allowing you to keep higher gross margins.

Bring up financing early

in the conversation.

Don’t wait until the end of the pitch. You could be wasting time on prospects that can’t qualify for lease financing. Other customers may assume your products are out of reach, and mentioning financing early keeps the door open. Plus, you can keep enough margin in the gross margin to pay for finance promotions that could close the deal.

Do you plan on financing your equipment purchase?

Starts the equipment finance discussion on the front side of the sale.

How long do you plan on using the equipment?

Lets you know the term of the lease finance contract.

What do you typically do with old equipment when purchasing new?

Tells you if they need a Fair Market Value (FMV) instead of a Buyout Lease financing if they typically trade it or sell it.

Include A Monthly Payment On Every Equipment Quote

Including a lease finance quote on every deal lets your customer know that financing is available. Also, by submitting the credit application while the customer is still on site, you’re leading them closer to the conversation and increasing your control over the deal.


How do I become an authorized TimePayment Vendor?

Submit an Online Vendor Application for approval. We will respond with a decision to your application within 48 hours of receiving your application.

How long does it take for a Vendor to be approved?

We process Vendor Applications within two business days. Once a Vendor is approved, our credit department will send out a welcome letter.

Are there fees involved?

No, there are no sign-up fees of any kind to become a TimePayment vendor and begin offering financing options.

I have questions about my application to become an authorized TimePayment Vendor.

Contact Credit Services at 877-868-3800 x1611 to discuss your specific circumstances or questions with a representative.

Use Financing To Retain Your Customers

Customers always worry how they’ll afford the equipment they need. When you make the conversation easy and up front, you turn the purchasing process into a more enjoyable customer experience.

Technology For Every Platform

Equipment Lease Types

Whether you are looking for equipment lease financing for yourself or your customers, we have a lease solution that will fit. Click on each program below to learn more about the various equipment lease types we offer. We mainly deal in commercial leases, our options are an affordable way to finance your business equipment. Whether you are looking for a lease for yourself or for your customer, we can provide the monthly payment that will fit into your budget.

Fair Market Value provides access to critical equipment for low monthly payments over a defined period of time. At the end of that period (once all scheduled payments are made), you can choose to buy the equipment outright, return it, or continue renting month-to-month.

Lease-to-Own provides ownership of the equipment following the receipt of all scheduled payments and a buyout. Payments are calculated over a period of time that is three months less than the typical lease term (33 months instead of 36 months). At the end of the term, a final buyout payment (equivalent to three monthly payments) is required to own the equipment.

Turbo Lease is a program for customers who appreciate speed and convenience. Turbo Lease is a 14-month lease available for qualified applicants in which the lessee has the opportunity to own the equipment upon the completion of payments.

TimePayment also offers special promotions and programs for the various industries and verticals we serve.

We Work With Every Industry

We work with 50+ industries. Learn more about how TimePayment can work with you to provide lease financing for your customers.

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