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Mobile Payment Boosts Profits

69 percent reported more profit

Customers prefer convenience at the curb. What’s more convenient: paying for takeout by phone, or paying at the curb? From an outside perspective, the difference may seem trivial—a sale is a sale—but from the customer’s point of view, the two experiences are night and day. By the numbers: A survey of 202 retailers and their […]

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79 percent rank digital customer experience as a top 5 criterion when choosing a finance company

Having An Online App Matters

Why an online application matters to the funding experience. With all this digital transformation happening around us, is the equipment financing business behind ...

47 percent of POS customers forecasted increasing revenues

POS Customers Anticipate Growth

News from the Demand side. Supply chain issues, inflation, access to labor, and a potential recession have been dominating economic headlines. But those headlines ...

The changing POS landscape

The Changing POS Landscape

Three payment industry trends we are watching closely. New shifts in purchasing behavior mean new opportunities for POS providers. Get caught up fast on these tre ...

Nearly 7 in 10 small business equipment customers don't show any preference to use type of provider over another.

Brokers Are More Valued Than They Think

Don’t assume you need to overcome a sales obstacle that isn’t there. False assumption: Customers are significantly less likely to do business with a broker th ...