One Million Equipment Leases Financed—And Counting

TimePayment Has Financed Our Millionth Lease

Our Dedication To Serving Businesses Of All Sizes Reaches Momentous Milestone

It’s official: TimePayment has financed our MILLIONTH lease!

This is an achievement more than 30 years in the making—a testament to our commitment to serving a wider range of businesses than most lease financing companies, funding equipment purchases from as low as $500 up to more than $1.5MM. It also shines a spotlight on TimePayment’s relentless focus on technology to fast-forward the application, credit approval, and funding processes.

Naturally, hitting one million has been a cause for celebration and reflection. “This milestone is really important to us,” says Jay Haverty, TimePayment’s President & CEO. “For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping America’s small businesses succeed by providing lease financing for the critical equipment they need to grow and prosper. Every one of those million leases represents an entrepreneur taking the next step on their journey. When they succeed, we succeed.”

TimePayment’s embrace of technology has also been a major factor in helping us reach the one-million lease marker. “It’s been a constant evolution. In fact, we’ve just upgraded our technology platform so we can deliver for businesses even better,” Haverty says. The multiyear, organization-wide platform modernization has boosted our automation capabilities and ability to bring new products to market, while delivering vendors a more intuitive user interface, allowing them to close deals and manage accounts more easily.

Of course, we plan to help even more businesses finance equipment going forward. TimePayment’s acquisition of Wheaten Financial last spring marked our first foray into the titled vehicle space, and our summer acquisition of QuickSpark Financial has expanded our customer base and deepened our website integration capabilities.

As we look forward to a prosperous 2023 , we couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment…and we can’t wait to see what milestone we reach next. “We’ve set our sights on two million leases,” says Haverty, “and it’s going to take a lot less than 30 years to get there.”

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