How to Hit Sales Targets in a Down Market

The Impact of Payments on Every Quote

Fewer than 1 in 5 sellers knows this secret

Here’s a surprising stat: A survey of over 4,200 equipment and technology sellers found that just 18% required a payment option on every quote.

  • Which is nuts, because of those sellers who did, 82% reported sales above target for 2023—a year where sales were down almost everywhere.

The clear takeaway: By simply placing the payment option in front of more customers, equipment sellers sold more.

Zoom in: Sales teams that require payment inclusion for all quotes…

  • Sold 22% more equipment per invoice
  • Sold 38% more services per invoice
  • Reported 19% greater profit per sale numbers
  • Were 2.8x more likely to report hitting or exceeding their 2023 objectives
  • Had 8.6 customers in 10 report intent to return for their next purchase (compared to a 6.7/10 overall average for sellers who didn’t offer payments

The bottom line:  Equipment sellers saw more revenue, more profit, higher recurring revenue and more returning customers—just for putting a payment option on every quote.

TimePayment can help. With shopping cart integrations, As Low As pricing buttons and signage options, and tons of other resources, we help equipment sellers lead with a payment and deliver flexible financing.

Source: Sawbux 2024 survey

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