Industry Roundup: The Landscaper Landscape

An Industry that’s looking to grow (literally)

Since March 2023, the industry hit hardest by credit tightening isn’t owner-operator trucking or even small restaurants.

It’s landscaping.

Go deeper: According to recent research of over 400 bank credit teams, landscapers with less than 5 years’ time-in-business saw credit approval levels decline over 60% in the last year.

Yes, but: In that time:

  • Revenue per customer is up 28%.
  • Landscaper backlogs are up 31%.
  • 32% of dealers are actively seeking new funding sources.
  • 19% of dealers have lost a key funding source in the last 12 months.


The clear takeaway: With 1) a highly fungible asset class, 2) extensive small dealer networks across the country poorly supported by large vendor finance firms, and 3) an industry showing strong demand in the face of headwinds, brokers have a strong opportunity to win—right now.

TimePayment can help—especially since we fund deals as small as $500 and can work with lessees as little as two years’ time-in-business.

Get started: To discuss a vendor opportunity, click below.

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