TimePayment Hires Deepika Shahani to Lead New POS & Terminal Leasing Business Unit

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Business Development Leader to Bring Fintech Payment Solutions to Rapidly Growing Sector.

TimePayment, an award-winning FinTech company specializing in commercial equipment financing, announced the appointment of Deepika Shahani as Vice President and leader of the firm’s Point of Sale & Terminal Leasing efforts. The new Business Unit will enhance the firm’s long-time commitment to funding in the bankcard industry.

Deepika brings over 15 years of strategic operations and business development experience in Point of Sale and Terminal Leasing.  The experience gained while successfully leading the underwriting and operations functions of a national finance provider to the bankcard market was powerfully leveraged to eventually head business development efforts and assemble a $25MM leasing portfolio of over 200 Bankcard industry clients.

Jay Haverty, President & CEO of TimePayment said, “POS technology has undergone a radical transformation as businesses have reinvested in new platforms & capabilities both during and post-COVID. Improved customer and employee experiences with innovative new hardware and software opens new opportunities for businesses to transact in a more powerful way. Helping companies stay on the cutting edge of these technologies with an affordable, flexible financing solution is a terrific opportunity. Adding a business development leader like Deepika is a critical step to effectively meeting the rising market demand.”

Deepika and the Point of Sale and Terminal Leasing Business Unit of TimePayment will be exhibiting at the Midwest Acquirers Association in Chicago this week and will be active in a variety of industry associations and events in the coming months. Click here to learn more about TimePayment’s Point of Sale and Terminal Leasing capabilities.

About TimePayment

TimePayment is a Boston-based FinTech company owned by affiliates of Fortress Investment Group, a leading, highly diversified global investment manager. TimePayment leads the industry with technology tools and capital that enables equipment sellers and financial intermediaries to offer fast, paperless equipment lease financing to their customers. The company’s proprietary credit scoring and risk-based transaction model delivers competitive lease financing solutions across the credit spectrum; from Fortune 500 companies to small business start-ups. TimePayment proudly serves more than 100,000 active accounts with transaction sizes ranging from $500 to over $500,000.


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