TimePayment Raises Our Automated Approval Limit to $25K

We’re Improving the Selling Experience for Even More Businesses

Get ready to close larger deals even faster: TimePayment has raised our limit for automated approvals for qualified applicants from $15,000 to $25,000!

It’s our way to better serve both our vendors and end customers in the face of rising equipment costs. And it’s one more innovation made possible thanks to our multiyear investment in upgrading and automating our technology platform.

Alyce Reilly, TimePayment’s Senior Vice President of Credit & Funding, says, “We’ve seen the increased cost of equipment in the marketplace, and larger ticket sizes as a result. So it made sense to increase our automation limit. The demand is out there.”

Of course, how you meet that demand is also vital. Reducing friction in the customer experience is a priority for Jay Haverty, TimePayment’s President & CEO. “Our vendors want to say ‘Yes’ to as many customers as possible and close the transaction as easily as possible for all parties. With auto-approvals, they don’t need to wait—they can go straight to documents and quotes. By raising the limit to $25,000, we’re delivering a seamless experience to more small businesses than ever before.”

All of this is possible thanks to TimePayment’s powerful Fintech capabilities. Over the last three years, we’ve made a substantial investment in an organization-wide upgrade and migration of our legacy systems to a more modern, customizable, responsive technology platform. With that evolution has come enhanced automation capabilities. According to Reilly, “Our updated system automation creates efficiencies and reduces complexity, allowing us to improve our customer experience and decrease sales cycle time.”

TimePayment is focused on our commitment to provide the best service we can to help grow our vendors’ businesses. By raising the limit on auto-approvals, we’re giving them the support they need to close out the year strong and position themselves to succeed in 2023, and beyond.

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