Inflation, Robots, and Sporting Venues

Woman seated in a sporting venue using phone to order stadium refreshments

Industry insights that POS sellers can use to grow their business today


Brand loyalty: In tough times, loyal customers are more important than ever. With inflation raging on, can a smarter approach to data help merchants keep revenues flowing in a declining economy?

See PYMNTS’s take

Retention vs. robots: Are your customers struggling to find staff? Of course, they are. In the face of challenging economic headwinds, is it necessary for merchants to invest in more self-service POS technologies?

Check out Chick-Fil-A’s new investments in robotic food delivery

The sporting life: Few POS dealers are targeting sporting venues. And they might be missing out. Post-COVID entertainment is still blossoming, even in the face of daunting inflation. New stadiums might be poised for a boom soon. Offering the ability to pay from a phone, their seat or a kiosk could be a powerful opportunity.

A look at in-seat ordering

Win in tough times: TimePayment can help make POS investments affordable. From $500 to larger, complex opportunities, we can help POS dealers win in the face of these unprecedented challenges. If you have a unique finance need or are interested in building a more bundled payment alternative, contact us today.

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