POS Buyers’ Most Wanted

Which features are buyers using the most?

As we approach the end of 2023, here’s a quick look at the features and benefits POS users are seeing the most value in right now.

By the numbers: A survey of over 11,400 POS users found these features were providing the most benefit to decision makers:

  • eCommerce & mobile order integration (89%)
  • Catalogue & inventory management (87%)
  • Omnichannel experiences (81%)
  • Tap to Pay (75%)
  • Improved reporting & analytics (70%)
  • Integration with Accounting Software (69%)

So when you’re practicing your sales pitch, remember:

  • Mobile and omnichannel integration matters…
  • Inventory management checks a lot of boxes…
  • And Tap to Pay is gaining momentum.

As a leader in POS industry finance, TimePayment can help build the funding solutions that give customers the confidence to invest in the technologies and features they need to be successful.

If you have a unique finance need or are interested in building a more bundled payment alternative, we can help.

Visit our POS and Terminal page to learn more or reach out and contact us.

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