Industry Roundup: Winning in the “White Spaces”

Untapped opportunities in the market

Where is your niche? It’s a powerful question in commercial equipment financing.

  • With so much liquidity chasing construction, vocational transportation, and the major asset classes, where are the unique “white spaces” where brokers can carve out their own space to win for the long term?

By the numbers: For example, here is a breakdown of segments that have large annual capex volumes, but little interest from brokers:

The clear takeaway: Turn-of-the-century baseball player William Keeler said that the secret to hitting well was to “Keep your eyes clear and hit ’em where they ain’t.” The industries above are great examples of “Where they ain’t” opportunities for brokers in 2024.

Payments have never been more important. Looking to carve out your niche? You’ll need an innovative, long-time funder of the broker channel with a strong specialty in smaller-ticket transactions. TimePayment is all that and more.

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*2023 Sawbux Greenwich Study of Commercial Finance Decision Makers

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