Omni-Channel Solutions, Contactless Payment, Labor Issues & More

POS Industry Insights

September 2022


Getting integrated: The omni-channel revolution drives on, but 7 in 10 retailers are unsure how to implement a POS that handles everything. Now may be the time to build your integrated omni-channel, payment-first offering.

Going contactless: The food and beverage industry is moving aggressively into contactless, at-your-table POS experiences. Do you lead with a payment solution for technology acquisition?

Solving staffing: Labor shortages are a daunting challenge across the retail universe. Could self-checkout only stores be the answer? Dollar General is exploring options:

POS payment solutions: TimePayment can help make POS investments affordable. From $500 to large, complex opportunities, we can help POS dealers win in the face of these unprecedented challenges.

If you have a unique finance need or are interested in building a more bundled payment alternative, contact us today.

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