How Brokers Can Earn More Vendor Business

Bridging the Divide Between Dealer Perception and Buyer Reality

Here’s a surprising stat: Only 9 in 412 equipment dealers believe financing has an impact on how quickly equipment purchases are made.

Here’s the reality: 67%—that’s a massive two-thirds—of end users purchasing an asset under $50,000 say a payment solution was the biggest impact on their current equipment-buying decision.

Take a closer look: In a recent study* of more than 2000 equipment sellers, the research agency Sawbux discovered sellers that proactively offered a payment option for assets under $50,000 increased not only their sales volume, but their sales velocity. Here are some of the results by industry:

Sales cycle with and without paymentsSales velocity increase with payments

Takeaway for brokers: With an equipment lease financing partner by your side, you can offer customers not only a gateway to more sales, but faster sales and shorter sales cycles. And with inflation on the rise, worldwide supply chain havoc and a potential recession looming, this value proposition has never been more important.

* 1H22 Greenwich | Sawbux Survey of Commercial Finance Decision Making


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