Most POS Users Feel They Overbought

But we can keep them from feeling buyer’s remorse.

Most POS users are only utilizing a fraction of their POS system’s capabilities—and that’s a problem for sellers.

By the numbers: In a survey of 15,300+ retail buyers, we found:

  • 74% feel they use only the basic features of their POS system.
  • 82% would use more of the platform if they felt they had more time to invest in it.
  • 60% would use more of the platform if they felt they had better training.
  • 88% would leverage more of their system if staff turnover wasn’t such a challenge.
  • Just 29% consistently leverage POS data to inform strategic management growth and operations decisions.

And the real warning sign:

  • 62% believe they “overbought” their system and could have settled for a cheaper, less feature-filled solution.

Why it matters:

  • POS sellers have a challenge of adoption. The more features customers use, the stickier the buyer-seller relationship. But right now, too many of those features fall into “nice to have” rather than “need to have.”
  • TimePayment’s affordable plans stave off buyer’s remorse. As POS users contend with the technology learning curve, affordability is essential for keeping them from running to a cheaper option with a competitor. Our low monthly payments are an ideal solution.

Reach out: As a leader in POS industry finance, TimePayment’s lease financing solutions eliminate sticker shock and give customers the confidence to move up the learning curve. If you have a unique finance need or are interested in building a more bundled payment alternative, we can help.

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