Who’s Using Their POS Data?

And who’s missing out?

Each month, TimePayment accesses POS industry research to help you make the most of today’s opportunities. This month, we explore the use of POS data for marketing by sector.

By the numbers: We surveyed 15,300+ POS users to see what portion used POS data monthly to inform their marketing strategies. The breakdown by industry was:

  • Grocery: 79%
  • QSR: 38%
  • Traditional retail: 19%
  • Fast casual: 15%
  • Hotel: 13%
  • Fine dining: 7%
  • Auto (gas/auto repair): 4%


  • With merchants starting to feel top-line pressures, could smarter usage of their POS system or upgrading to a system with better marketing tools and data insights be an opportunity? We think so.
  • Utilization percentages can help you match the product—and product education—to the buyer. An auto repair customer may not need a system with all the bells and whistles. But fine-dining and fast-casual customers could be leveraging the same insights as their QSR peers, with the right training and encouragement.

As always, we can help. TimePayment has been a leader in payment options for creative POS solutions for years.

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