How Inflation Is Affecting Capex

Inflation Affecting Capital Expenditure

Industry Data to Guide Your Sales Inflation is no laughing matter. Pain at the pump, the grocery store, the materials supplier and especially the cost of new equipment are making customers highly price-conscious. By the numbers: In a survey* of over 5000 recent equipment buyers (involving transactions under $100,000), here’s how the current inflationary environment […]

Inflation, Robots, and Sporting Venues

Industry insights that POS sellers can use to grow their business today

Industry insights that POS sellers can use to grow their business today   Brand loyalty: In tough times, loyal customers are more important than ever. With inflation raging on, can a smarter approach to data help merchants keep revenues flowing in a declining economy? See PYMNTS’s take Retention vs. robots: Are your customers struggling to […]

Shrinking Lead Times Point to Sales Opportunities

Industry Insights Brokers Can Use To Grow Their Business Today

Industry Insights Brokers Can Use To Grow Their Business Today 2021 and early 2022 have been good to the equipment finance business in the face of unimaginable headwinds. But supply chain issues continue to cloud what could otherwise be a record-setting environment. We took a closer look at the data to see what lead times […]

The POS Industry Research Top 6

Our Roundup of Surprising Stats   Each month, TimePayment accesses POS industry research* to help guide you on making the most of today’s business opportunities. This month, we evaluate the role of online presence and payments. By the numbers: Only 8 in 50 restaurants will buy their next POS without first evaluating an online hardware/software […]

What Drives POS Purchases?

Affordability & Convenience, Not Bells & Whistles, Are the Decider   Your POS solution doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective. A recent survey* of over 650 POS customers found that: 63% say competitive payment options are the most important factor 8 in 10 value monthly spend over technology features 7 in 10 are […]

Why Equipment Dealers Use Equipment Finance Brokers

Industry Sales Insights Brokers Can Use To Grow Their Business Why do equipment dealers use brokers? The top three reasons according to a recent survey* are: Speed of service Wider range of credit supported THEY INSULATE THE DEALER FROM DIFFICULT CREDIT CONVERSATIONS This is one of your biggest opportunities as a broker. Many direct finance […]

How Offering Payment Options Drives Purchase Decisions

Unpacking New Insights About Buyer Intent False assumptions: Many dealers think the decision to pursue financing happens late in the transaction, after the purchasing decisions have been made. The real deal: In a survey* of over 5000 recent equipment buyers, the results clearly showed buying intent was shaped by payment option visibility. In other words, […]

Omni-Channel Solutions, Contactless Payment, Labor Issues & More

POS Industry Insights September 2022   Getting integrated: The omni-channel revolution drives on, but 7 in 10 retailers are unsure how to implement a POS that handles everything. Now may be the time to build your integrated omni-channel, payment-first offering. “How to Transition From Brick and Mortar to eCommerce” Going contactless: The food and beverage […]

How Brokers Can Earn More Vendor Business

Bridging the Divide Between Dealer Perception and Buyer Reality Here’s a surprising stat: Only 9 in 412 equipment dealers believe financing has an impact on how quickly equipment purchases are made. Here’s the reality: 67%—that’s a massive two-thirds—of end users purchasing an asset under $50,000 say a payment solution was the biggest impact on their […]

TimePayment Announces Acquisition of QuickSpark Financial

Expands Market Reach, E-Commerce Integrations & Capabilities We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of QuickSpark Financial, an e-commerce focused financing company that helps equipment vendors and end-users in 50+ industries secure funding for their small to medium-sized businesses. Based in Tempe, AZ, QuickSpark works with over 3,500 vendors, including supporting 500 vendors with deep […]

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