The Upside of Financing Assets Under $15,000

The Upside of Financing Assets Under $15,000

Are brokers overlooking the super-small ticket? Businesses are thinking small—at least when it comes to financing. Our recent survey found that small-business decision makers are 82% more likely to finance an equipment or technology purchase under $15,000 today than they were in 2018. The big picture: Payments are paramount. In a slowing economy with inflation […]

Government Spending = Equipment Finance Opportunities

Government Spending Means Equipment Finance Opportunities

Be ready when Uncle Sam opens his wallet. False assumption: Continued government “money-printing” will cause a macroeconomic slow down likely to stall equipment-buying interest in the short-term. The real deal: With the debt ceiling agreement in place, over $1.2T in infrastructure spending is set to kick off lots of projects in the next 18 months. […]

Industry Forecast: Expect More Bank Tightening Ahead

When Banks Bail on Lending, Brokers Have a Big Role To Play

When banks bail on lending, brokers and alternative funding sources have a big role to play. Where we were: After the March bank failures, many observers were asking where the regulators were. It’s a good question. But during most crises, they enter the game late—and this year was no exception. What’s next: Enter the new […]

What Headwinds? Equipment Buyers Are Feeling Breezy

Equipment buyers are feeling breezy. 40% of buyers are upping orders.

Almost 40% of buyers are upping orders. Sunny forecast: Despite yet another rate increase and continued economic headwinds, small-business equipment finance activity is rising. In our survey of over 6,000 small-business decision makers, only 9% were delaying an equipment purchase because of the economic climate… …While 38% were increasing their equipment appetite for 2023 over […]

Industry Roundup: Vendors Are Seeking Alternatives

The time is ripe to reach out It’s been difficult to break through and establish new vendor relationships at scale in recent years. New banks entering the market with very low capital costs—and boasting new technologies that allow for almost instant approvals—have created strong barriers to entry.   Yes, but: With recent disruption and a […]

Where do smaller companies go for equipment financing?

Vendors Have The Edge

Vendors have the edge. Where do most small businesses secure equipment financing? Here’s a hint: It’s not their primary bank. The real deal: A recent Sawbux survey of over 5600 small businesses found that those choosing their primary bank are in the minority. By the numbers: Here’s a breakdown by industry segment:     Takeaways […]

Small Ticket Construction Equipment Financing Demand Is Up

Demand is up for financing small ticket construction equipment. Application volume is higher than it was in 2017 and 2019.

Here are the facts. Here’s a surprising stat: Application volume for construction equipment under $40,000 is only 7% off all-time highs. App volume is also higher than it was in 2017 and 2019. Why it matters: With all the talk of a looming recession, higher rates, and bank tightening, you might think that demand for […]

Cash Preservation Is The Name Of The Game

The reality: This winter’s dire forecasts haven’t come to pass. Even in the face of rising rates, inflation, and labor problems, the overall economy has remained relatively strong.

Self-Checkout Sees High Demand

The future of POS is DIY. Each month, TimePayment accesses POS industry research to help guide you on making the most of today’s opportunities. This month, we evaluate the increasing desire for self-checkout solutions. By the numbers: In a recent survey* of 2270 QSRs, C-Store, and Independent Grocers we found: 11% acquired this technology for […]

Good News & Bad News About Returning Customers

Providing a great experience matters. Here’s a surprising stat: On average, more than half of all former customers responded that they would consider returning to a broker for a subsequent finance need. Yes, but: Less than 20% responded that they go to a broker first. Here’s the reality: Providing a great customer experience is essential […]

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