The Fallout From Bank Credit Tightening

See which industries are being hit Leaving the field: The bank credit tightening trend, already well documented, is now being underlined by the retreat of several banks from their equipment finance businesses. Yes, but: In our survey of over 5000 small businesses, we discovered that credit tightening is not equal across industry sectors.     […]

What Vendors Are Saying: 2024 Sales Activity

Things are heating up That was then: Skeptics predicted lukewarm equipment sales in 2024, citing high interest rates, inflations, and profits are under pressure. This is now: Vendors are actually seeing growth year over year in sales pipelines, defying the naysayers. By the numbers: Here is a breakdown of pipeline growth by asset class, based […]

Industry Roundup: Small Businesses Planning Expansion

The 2024 forecasts by sector The big question: Where are the pockets of opportunity that might drive equipment finance volume in 2024? By the numbers: Based on our survey of over 5000 smaller businesses, the top five industries forecasting capex growth are: Behind the numbers: Onshoring manufacturing has led to more US manufacturing starts in […]

Opportunities in Waste & Recycling

3 in 4 companies might be interested in financing Here’s a surprising stat: In a survey of over 500 waste and recycling companies, we discovered they were 72% more likely to finance equipment through a source that was not their deposit bank than they were in 2017. What’s new: Smaller waste and recycling companies are […]

Vendors Want New Financing Solutions

A shift we haven’t seen in a decade The state of play: Vendors have entered 2024 encouraged by the state of the market and by relatively strong demand…but they’re significantly concerned about their ability to offer finance solutions to meet the demand. By the numbers: Here’s how that uncertainty plays out in the data: In […]

Industry Roundup: Winning in the “White Spaces”

Untapped opportunities in the market Where is your niche? It’s a powerful question in commercial equipment financing. With so much liquidity chasing construction, vocational transportation, and the major asset classes, where are the unique “white spaces” where brokers can carve out their own space to win for the long term? By the numbers: For example, […]

Financing Opportunity: The Veterinary Segment

New possibilities in pet care space Pulling at the leash: Our survey of over 600 veterinary and pet care practices found that these providers are now 51% more likely to finance equipment through a source that is not their deposit bank than they were in 2017. Why it matters: Pet ownership is rising, and vets […]

Break Into New Vendor Relationships

How brokers can capitalize on current trends. The business press has hit a more upbeat tone in recent weeks. But our surveys show most vendors are still feeling the pain of credit contraction. On top of that, increasing volumes of equipment sellers are expressing frustration with the hands-off approach of their existing partners. By the […]

Financing Opportunity: The Automotive Sector

We’re seeing a 74% rise in opportunities Here’s a surprising stat: We recently surveyed over 500 automotive repair facilities and discovered that they were 74% MORE LIKELY to finance equipment through a source that was not their deposit bank than they were in 2017. Doing the diagnostic: As economic headwinds mount, inflation persists, and rates […]

Businesses Want a Broker Relationship

What the numbers tell us The logjam created by a tight credit environment and rising application volume across most industry sectors has created a once-in a decade opportunity for brokers. Looking to get deals done, equipment sellers are MORE INTERESTED in broker solutions than at any point in the last 9 years. By the numbers: […]

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