Opportunities in Waste & Recycling

3 in 4 companies might be interested in financing

Here’s a surprising stat: In a survey of over 500 waste and recycling companies, we discovered they were 72% more likely to finance equipment through a source that was not their deposit bank than they were in 2017.

What’s new: Smaller waste and recycling companies are finding more growth opportunities as costs increase with large regional and national providers.

  • Yes, but: Bank credit tightening might leave them without the capital to fuel growth—especially when traditional lending limits collateral values for many of the industry’s mission critical assets.

Zoom in: Here are the waste and recycling assets least favored by banks right now:

  • Containers
  • Roll-Off Containers
  • Balers
  • Dumpsters
  • Conveyors
  • Compactors

Takeaway for brokers:  Only 6% of the brokers in our ongoing survey efforts have a dedicated strategy to finance smaller waste and recycling companies. In a time when the waste industry needs capital outside of their bank relationships to fuel growth, this seems like a missed opportunity.

TimePayment can help. We have long history of serving the waste and recycling sector, and we specialize in financing for equipment needs starting at $500 and reaching $500,000 and beyond.

  • Plus, you can trust our flexible finance solutions to make direct origination easier and keep customers coming back.

Take action: To discuss a vendor opportunity, reach out today. Or sign up now to get started.

*2024 Sawbux Greenwich Study of Commercial Finance Decision Makers

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