The Water Delivery Industry Research Top 5

The Water Delivery Industry Research Top 5

Our Roundup of Surprising Stats

Each month, TimePayment accesses water delivery industry research to help guide you on making the most of today’s opportunities.  

This month, we evaluate areas of the largest growth opportunities and limitations.* 

By the numbers:

  1. Only 11 in 500 consumers were aware of the benefits, affordability and features of home water delivery
  2. 214 of 300 businesses remodeling their office space in 2022 are planning to upgrade their office water solution
  3. 63 out of 80 water delivery companies surveyed said office usage is the largest limiting factor of growth.
  4. 41 out of 80 water delivery companies surveyed said access to financing was a limiting factor of growth
  5. Only 7 of 80 water delivery companies feel like they have a marketing strategy that maximizes growth opportunity 

Let’s get growing. Are you seeing opportunities? (#2 is especially intriguing). Then now is the time to act. TimePayment can help water deliver companies like yours preserve cash for growth with better financing.

* 1H22 Greenwich | Sawbux Survey of Commercial Finance Decision Making


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