Nearly 2 in 10 retailers are POS shopping

It’s the most interest since the pandemic

Each month, TimePayment accesses POS industry research to help guide you on making the most of today’s opportunities.

  • This month, we explore POS buying intent for the next quarter.

The big takeaway:

Our survey found nearly 2 out of every 10 retailers is evaluating a new POS purchase in the next 3 months.

Why it matters: That’s the largest interest in new technologies in the category since the pandemic.

  • Even amid headwinds and expense concerns, POS investments are increasingly seen as a vehicle to increase performance.

By the numbers: In our survey of over 11,400 POS users’ intent to buy, here’s the percentage of decision makers in each segment evaluating the purchase of new POS technologies:

  • 18% Fine dining
  • 17% Fast casual
  • 16% Traditional retail
  • 16% Auto (gas/auto repair)
  • 15% Grocery
  • 12% QSR
  • 11% Hotel

Now is the time to get your share of these sales. And remember, we can help! TimePayment has been a leader in payment options for creative POS solutions for many years.

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