Brokers Are More Valued Than They Think

Nearly 7 in 10 small business equipment customers don't show any preference to use type of provider over another.

Don’t assume you need to overcome a sales obstacle that isn’t there.

False assumption: Customers are significantly less likely to do business with a broker than a traditional balance sheet equipment financier.

The real deal: In a survey* of over 2500 recent small business equipment customers, nearly 7 in 10 didn’t show any preference to one type of provider over another. And almost 3 in 10 showed preference for a broker value proposition over that of a single credit policy lender.

By the numbers: Here is a breakdown by asset class:

Breakdown preference by asset class.


Takeaways for brokers: Most people just want the payment they need and care less about how it’s done and who delivers it. It’s also important to note which industries are leaning into a broker value proposition more than others.

TimePayment can help. We help brokers like you say “Yes” to more customers, by offering best-in-class equipment lease financing, industry-leading technology, access to API, and superior account service, training, and back-office support. TimePayment has helped over one million customers with transactions from $500 to $1.5MM+, and brokers rely on TimePayment for the speed, convenience, and technology solutions they need to grow.

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*The 2022/2023 Sawbux Greenwich Study Of Commercial Finance Decision Makers

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