InfoHub™ Video Tutorials

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Watch these video tutorials to get answers to the most common questions about TimePayment InfoHub.

Introduction to InfoHub

Manage all your customers’ transactions, from initial application to final delivery of the equipment, in one powerful and user–friendly online experience.

Logging in

Start your InfoHub journey by learning how to quickly login.

Home Page

The home page is your hub for all that InfoHub has to offer for you and your customers. Learn how to navigate to all the tools and services InfoHub has to offer.


User Settings & Pipeline Updates

Discover how to easily optimize your experience by customizing User Settings and learn about exciting changes to the InfoHub Pipeline.


Submitting an Application

Find out just how simple submitting an application for financing can be with InfoHub.


Your Application Pipeline

The InfoHub Pipeline Dashboard is designed with your workflow in mind. Efficiently manage your sales pipeline and ensure a deal never slips through the cracks again.


Application Details pages

Application Details pages will help keep you organized, informed, and empowered. Find everything you need, from the latest updates to next steps for each deal, all in one place.


Address Validation & Application Enhancements

Learn how InfoHub will help you submit customer applications faster and more accurately with address validation.



Generate a Quote

Quickly generate, customize, and print professional-quality quote sheets displaying the available payment options for your customers using the Customer Quote Tool.



Create Lease Documents

In just a few clicks, generate and auto-populate lease documents, and send them to your customers for electronic signatures.



Cancel an Application

Cancel a customer application from the application detail page by clicking the “Cancel Application” button. If you do not cancel an application, the credit approval will automatically expire after 90 days.


Application Search

Use quick search to locate a specific application detail page from anywhere in InfoHub, or perform a more detailed search by application detail, custom date ranges, salesperson, store location, and more.


Pending Requirements

Learn how to easily update any pending requirements to customer applications on Application Details Pages.


Financing Calculator

Explore the different products, programs, and pricing options available to your customers using the InfoHub Financing Calculator.


Funding Reports

Need to find out who got paid, how much, and when? The Funding Report is the best way to gain insights into which transactions have been paid by TimePayment.


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