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Office Equipment & Furniture Financing

Get the business tools and office furniture your company needs with help from TimePayment’s financial programs

From startups to growing operations to large enterprises, every company needs furniture and business machines to support their teams and host their clients and vendors. What’s more, every new hire and floorplan expansion means more office furniture and equipment must be purchased to support the growth. With everyone from CFOs to founders to investors scrutinizing the bottom line, it’s critical to minimize upfront cost and keep a healthy cash reserve for future initiatives.

Fortunately, TimePayment can help. Our financial tools let you acquire the desks, cubicles, copy machines, file cabinets, conference tables, and other furniture and equipment your company needs ASAP, while giving you the flexibility to pay for it all in manageable monthly installments. Since your new equipment starts supporting increased revenue right away, you can use the profit your expanded operation generates to budget your monthly payments while you keep critical cash on hand to cover payroll and plan for future growth.

Our financial programs are designed to help your company get needed technology, machines, and furniture as quickly and easily as possible. From whiteboards to workstations, TimePayment’s office furniture and business equipment specialists are here to help you scale up your enterprise profitably.

If you don't already have an office furniture or business equipment provider in mind, our friendly support team will help match you with a TimePayment-authorized vendor ready to serve your needs. If you are an office equipment or furniture supplier or provider, learn more about our Vendor Program or our Lease Broker Program.

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Benefits of Financing with TimePayment

There are many benefits to financing your equipment purchase with TimePayment, including:

Office Equipment & Furniture Examples

Below are some examples of office furniture and business equipment that TimePayment’s Office Equipment & Furniture Finance Programs support. If you don't see what you are looking for on this list, don't worry! Contact us to see if the equipment you need is eligible.

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  • Technology – Vendor Spotlight

    Technology Equipment Vendor Spotlight

    Hear a TimePayment-authorized technology equipment vendor, John Sarabia, Principal of Swipetec, discuss the benefits of working with TimePayment to provide his customers with state-of-the-art financial services.

    Learn more about the TimePayment Vendor Program.

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  • Technology – Client Testimonial

    Customer Testimonial

    Hear Abbeville Health & Fitness Center Owner, Matthew Gambrell, discuss utilizing TimePayment to finance updated cardio and strength training equipment for his gym, in addition to a new POS systems, keycard system, scanners, and more to expand his business.

    View more testimonials.

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