Winning Against The Competition

62% of commercial equipment buyers are open to switching Here’s an eye-opening stat: A survey of over 5,000 commercial equipment buyers in 1Q24 found that only 38% would source their next equipment need from their existing provider. By the numbers: 21% would not return to their existing provider at all. 67% of those most dissatisfied […]

How to Hit Sales Targets in a Down Market

The Impact of Payments on Every Quote

Fewer than 1 in 5 sellers knows this secret Here’s a surprising stat: A survey of over 4,200 equipment and technology sellers found that just 18% required a payment option on every quote. Which is nuts, because of those sellers who did, 82% reported sales above target for 2023—a year where sales were down almost […]

Restaurants Need Equipment Financing

Restaurants Need Equipment Financing—Now More Than Ever Part 3: The Right Time Is Now We think equipment financing is a great solution 365 days a year. But if you need another reason to take the plunge, take a look at how equipment financing can help restaurant owners manage tax time, seasonal shifts, the tourist trade, […]

Why Equipment Financing Is Great for Restaurants

Part 2: Why Equipment Financing Is Great for Restaurants Equipment financing comes with many advantages for small businesses—and it’s especially suited for the demanding, fast-paced world of foodservice. Here are just some of the many benefits of financing your equipment through TimePayment and LeaseQ: Get up and running even when you’re short on cash. Equipment […]

Restaurants Need Equipment Financing—The Right Time Is Now

Part 1: Restaurants are back, but they face big challenges. The pandemic revealed just how much Americans love to eat out. Now patrons are filling dining rooms and drive-thrus again, even in the face of high inflation and rising menu prices. All this traffic should have restaurant owners and operators investing in new and improved […]

Leading with a Payment Works

Vendors and resellers are 3.4 times more likely to include higher margin services when leading with a payment.

1 Easy Way to Sell High-Margin Services Here’s a stat that should get you excited: Since March 2021, there’s been a 48% increase companies “highly interested” in financing their next technology purchase. That’s great news for brokers like you. But that’s not all: In a recent survey* of more than 1200 technology buyers: 68% of […]

What POS Customers Think About Inflation

72% say inflation will affect their next pos purchase

And How to Reassure Them Will inflation impact the amount of new POS opportunities in the next 6 to 18 months? In short, yes. But with a little creativity you can stem the ebbing tide. Data dive: According to a recent survey* of over 670 POS customers: 72% say inflation will affect their next POS […]

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