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How TimePayment Helps Equipment Sellers

Sell More Product

Offering financing helps you close sales faster and beat your competition. By turning equipment purchases into affordable monthly installments, customers don’t have to sweat burning cash for large one-time payments. TimePayment finance programs cover businesses of all sizes and strength, including day-one startups.

Access Capital

Traditional sources of outside financing, such as banks, are hesitant to extend credit. Getting a loan for equipment can be a big and complex hurdle, with a cumbersome paperwork and inflexible financing options. TimePayment helps customers that other financial institutions refuse and transactions start as low as $500.

Automate with Technology

TimePayment’s industry-leading, proprietary technology and advanced credit scoring model minimizes steps and paperwork throughout the application and approval process. Complete transactions in minutes using a simple web interface that can integrate into your website. A variety of technology solutions are available to help you make financing easier and faster.