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TimePayment Direct™ Dealer Portal

TimePayment Direct™ (TPD) is our comprehensive online sales management tool for equipment Vendors and Brokers. Leveraging the industries’ most highly automated application technology, your sales team members can enter your customers’ application data online and select the appropriate financial product to meet their needs. The clear, straightforward process gets your customers approved in seconds, and keeps your transactions moving.
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TimePayment Direct™ Features

Read more about the exciting tools and features of the new TimePayment Direct™.


Seamlessly complete transactions online.

Once you have a completed application, TimePayment's proprietary ReadyDocs™ takes over and enables a complete documentation and signature process, online, in seconds.

With ReadyDocs™ a TimePayment proprietary software integration, finance documents are created for your customer, delivered straight to their inbox for electronic signature.

Always focusing on building your business, this is one more way to accelerate sales and help you to build longer lasting, stronger relationships with your customers.

Visit our Online Training Center for Vendors to learn more.

Lease Quote Tool

Your customized equipment lease payment calculator.

Leveraging TimePayment's proprietary Credit Scoring Matrix™, our customized Lease Quote Tool is the only lease calculator in the industry that provides the exact payment framework your customers need for all of the financing programs available to them. No guesswork required.

Visit our Online Training Center for Vendors to learn more.

Tax Inquiry Tool

Do you know the sales tax laws for each state?

Each state has unique laws regarding when state tax must be paid during a transaction? We take the guesswork out of calculating tax payments for your equipment sales with our Tax Inquiry Tool.

Log into TimePayment Direct™ to access your Tax Inquiry Tool and accurately calculate the applicable taxes your customers will need to pay.

In the states of ME, IL, and NJ the sales tax must be paid upfront or added to the funded amount on the lease. In all other states the sales tax may be paid monthly. In the state of CT, TX and WA there is a sales tax due on the documentation fee. Our Tax Inquiry Calculator ensures you get it right every time.

Visit our Online Training Center for Vendors to learn more.

Integrate with Your Website

Enable your online customers to apply for financing, too.

We offer a variety of customer financing solutions for your website, from our simplest offering, EasyApply™, to more fully-integrated solutions like SmartApply™ and our eCommerce shopping cart plugin, TimePayment Now™, all the way up to complete credit integrations using the TimePayment API.

Whether your business is just starting out investing in your online presence, or you have a fully-functioning eCommerce storefront, TimePayment can help you reduce website abandonment by provide your customers with additional affordable financing options, and you can manage these transactions through your TimePayment Direct™ account.

Compare website integration solutions.

Free TimePayment Direct™ Mobile Apps

Submit deals and access your account from anywhere.

Access TimePayment Direct™ on-the-go with our free mobile apps. Download them here:

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