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How to Submit a New Lease Application - for Vendors

If you're an equipment vendor with questions about how to submit an equipment lease application for the customer seated across the table from you, this is the right place! It only takes a few minutes to submit your application and receive a credit decision for your customer. Watch our on-demand training video, or refer to the written step-by-step directions below.
Watch the quick training video below, and log into your account to get started!

Step-by-Step Directions

1. Visit TimePayment Direct:

There are several options for accessing TimePayment Direct:

  1. Visit and click the TimePayment Direct Login in the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Bookmark the login page for quick access.

  1. Download our free mobile apps for iPhones and iPads or Android devices.

  1. Call into our credit hot line 1-800-872-1532, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm, Eastern and Pacific Times.

2. Log Into TimePayment Direct:

If you have previously applied to become a verified TimePayment Vendor, and have been approved, you should have received a ‘Welcome’ email from TimePayment that contains your username and password.

You will need this information to log into TimePayment Direct and start submitting deals. If you do not know your login information, contact Vendor Support Services for assistance.

3. Click "Add Application”:

Once you are logged in, click the “Add Application” option located in the left sidebar.

You will be brought to a new screen to select the type and term for your lease.

4. Select the "Type" and "Term" of the Lease:

Click the drop-down arrow to view a list of the various lease types and terms available to your customers. TimePayment offers a variety of lease types. Click here to see a reference chart of the types and terms available.

Select the type and term used for this application and click the “Continue” button. 
If you are not sure which type of lease to select, please contact Vendor Support Services.

5. Complete the Online Application Form, Click "Submit" Button:

Complete the online application form. Any fields that are red and have an asterisk (*) is a required field (such as the legal name of the Lessee’s business).

Form field that are gray are not required (such as the Dealer Reference #), and are available for your own internal use.

6. Application Number & Review Process:

You will know you have successfully submitted an application when the application screen disappears and you see an application number in its place. This assigned application number is what you can use to track the status of your applications within the Status Report screen when logged into TimePayment Direct.

TimePayment is committed to making quick credit decisions to help you close more sales:

  • For transactions under $10,000: Under 2 minutes
  • For transactions over $10,000: Within 4 hours

Still Need Help?

Contact our Vendor Services Team for assistance.

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