Vendor Program Enrollment & Onboarding Process

Welcome. Thank you for your interest in our Vendor Program. We look forward to working with you.

Becoming a Vendor with TimePayment Corporation is an exclusive opportunity to increase your sales by offering affordable financing options to your customers. During our onboarding process, we cater to all your needs; from setup, to training, and transaction assistance, so you can start doing business with us.

Below, please find an overview of our Vendor onboarding process.

Apply Online

After submitting our simple online application it will take up to 2 business days for your application to be reviewed and processed. You will receive a Notice of Approval via email.

If we require additional information, we will reach out to you regarding what is still needed.

While you wait, feel free to skip ahead to step 4 and familiarize yourself with our dealer portal, InfoHub, to get started.

Vendor Program Application

Vendor Program Application

Step 2

Finalize Your Paperwork

Complete and submit the ACH Direct Deposit Enrollment Form to receive funding via direct deposit.

ACH Direct Deposit Enrollment Form: Click Here

Complete and submit a W-9 Tax Form and TimePayment will provide you with a 1099-MISC form at year end for tax reporting purposes.

W-9 Tax Form: Click Here

Step 3

Notice of Approval & Login Credentials

You will receive an email confirmation if you are approved for our Vendor Program. Your Vendor Code, Username and Password will be in this communication.

This information is required to log into TimePayment InfoHub to submit deals.

For example:

Username: 06ABCABC
Password: 06ABCABC
Vendor Code: 06ABC

Please note, your account will not yet be active until we have had the opportunity to discuss your program details to customize your finance offerings.

Step 4

Program Customization

We value our Vendors and will call you to set up your customized Finance Program credentials. This is typically only a 5 minute call. We will cater the programs you sell and make the ease of selling them through your website capable through our website integration solutions.

See more information about our website solutions here.

If you wish to reach out to us to initiate this call after receiving your Notice of Approval, please call 877-868-3800 option #2.

Step 5

Vendor Training

You will be invited to a personal training opportunity with your Business Development Manager (BDM), and you can contact us anytime for a demo for new employees or to simply request a refresher course.

To schedule a live webinar training, Click Here.

Additional on-demand training is available in our InfoHub Help Center, and answers to common questions can be found on our Vendor FAQ page.

On-Demand & Live Trainings

On-Demand & Live Trainings

Step 6

Start Submitting Deals

Use the information provided to you via email in Step 2 to log into TimePayment InfoHub™ and start submitting deals!

If you would like immediate assistance with your customer’s applications and leasing documents please feel free to reach out to our Vendor Service Support Team for immediate assistance.

Log Into TimePayment InfoHub

Log Into TimePayment InfoHub

That's It.

We really appreciate your business. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help.

Still Need Assistance?

Contact our Vendor Services Team for assistance.

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