Financing a New Business, Leveraging Capital to Start a Small Business

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Making the decision to start a business, whether it will be a franchise of an existing corporation or a brand-new venture of your own design, is perhaps the most important step you will take in your new career as an entrepreneur. If you have the inspiration, insight, and drive to build a great company, you can lead your fledgling organization to grow and succeed – but in order to get it off the ground, you need capital to jumpstart your future and a solid financial plan.

This whitepaper from TimePayment outlines a number of ways you can inject necessary funds into your operation or leverage other financial instruments to keep your profits flowing, your balance sheets in the black, and your dream of business ownership alive and well. Many new businesses rely on several of these means of securing capital simultaneously. Of course, only you and your accountant or financial planner know what is best for your unique situation. We hope this whitepaper will help you as you lay the capital foundation for your great American success story.

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Financing a New Business, Leveraging Capital to Start a Small Business- Whitepaper

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