Try Our New Dealer Portal, InfoHub™

We encourage you to try our new, more advanced dealer portal, InfoHub™. Use your current TimePayment Direct username and password to access InfoHub™ and it's user-friendly responsive design on any device (desktops, tablets, and smart phones) seamlessly - no mobile apps required.

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TimePayment Direct Training for Brokers

Follow the lessons / steps below to learn how to submit a lease application via TimePayment Direct so your customers can obtain financing, and you can close more deals.

Sales Training & Tips

Help your sales team understand how TimePayment can help you sell more, and sell better.

The Better Way To Sell

Learn why TimePayment should be your preferred
customer finance provider.

How to Sell a Monthly Payment

Don't discount equipment prices (or commissions) to make a sale! Learn how to sell
an affordable Monthly Payment instead.

Sign Up for a Live Training

If you prefer a more interactive learning environment, sign up for a regularly scheduled weekly webinar so you can engage with a corporate trainer and ask questions as you learn. If you have a group of employees that need training or your busy schedule doesn't work with our regularly scheduled webinars, you also have the ability to request a custom training.

Additional Broker Resources

If you have unanswered questions, or are looking for a lease document or form - select one of the additional resources below.

Still Need Help?

Contact our Broker Services Team for assistance.

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