Uploading Documents

If you need to submit any documents to TimePayment related to your transaction, you can now easily do this from the Application Details Page with the “Submit Documents” button. No more need to try to manage paperwork for multiple transaction from your busy inbox. InfoHub will help you keep track of everything.

Accessing the "Submit Documents" Screen:

To submit a document for a transaction, go to the Application Details Page of that transaction. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the “Submit Documents” button.

You will be brought to the “Submit Additional Documents” screen.

How Do I Access the Application Details Page of the Transaction I Want?

Accessing Application Details:

Access your Application Details by performing an Application Search, or by checking your Application Pipeline Dashboard to see which deals need your attention.

Uploading Documents:

  1. In the “Upload Documents” section, click the Document Type drop-down menu and select the type of document you are uploading.
  2. Once you select your document type, you can click the “Browse Files” button to browse your computer to upload a document, or just click on the documents and drag them into the green upload box.
  3. You will see your uploaded File Name and Document Type appear in the upload table and a 100% upload confirmation, but this just means your file is uploaded and ready for submission. Your file has not been submitted to TimePayment yet.
    • You can choose to add more files by clicking the “Browse Files” button, or by clicking and dragging more files from your desktop or file location.
    • You can delete an upload before submitting it to TimePayment by clicking the “x” in the table next to a file if you wish to delete it before submitting. You will not be able to delete a file once it’s been submitted.
  4. NOTE: You must click the “Submit” button to complete your uploads.
What Types of Documents Can I Upload?

Document Upload Types:

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to upload documents for a transaction. Some common examples include:

  • Equipment Lists: We may ask you to upload an equipment list as part of our credit review process to provide us with more information about the equipment the customer wishes to lease.
  • Equipment Invoices: Upload your Equipment Invoice(s) for this transaction as part of a complete Lease Package. Equipment Invoices should include the Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number(s), Quantity, and Condition (new used, or reconditioned) of the equipment being leased.
  • Financials or Proof of Income: We may ask you to provide business financial records to prove time in business during the credit review process. A typical example is tax returns for the business. You will see a notification in the "Messages from TimePayment" section if required.
  • Proof of Address: Examples of acceptable proof of address include: utility bill (electric, gas, or water only), property tax receipt, mortgage statement or lease agreement, insurance card, or voter registration cards. You will see a notification in the "Messages from TimePayment" section if required.
  • Proof of Identification: Examples of acceptable proof of identification include: valid driver's license, state indentification card, military identification card, passport, social security card, social security award letter, or previously filed tax returns. You will see a notification in the "Messages from TimePayment" section if required.
  • Proof of Business Ownership or Time in Business: Examples of acceptable proof of business ownership include: business license, Secretary of State filing, articles of organization, and partnership agreements. You will see a notification in the "Messages from TimePayment" section if required.
  • Lease Agreement: If you don’t choose to utilize the eSignature feature available in ReadyDocs, you can upload the manually executed lease agreement for the transaction here.
  • Lease Supporting Documents: Examples of supporting documents include an equipment or commission invoice, proof of signatures, a copy of the customer's social security card, method of payment forms, or missing signatures/pages of the lease. If we are missing documents for a transaction, notifications will appear in the “Next Steps” field under "Messages from TimePayment", and if you are setup for email alerts, you will also receive email notification.

Submitting Documents:

You will know your documents have uploaded successfully when you are brought back to the Application Details page and the Application Documents section appears with a table of all the documents uploaded for that transaction.

What if I Submitted the Wrong Documents?

Request a Change:

If you submitted an out-dated or incorrect document, simply return to the Application Details Page and click the "Request Upgrade or Changes" button in the "What Would You Like To Do Next?" Section.

Uploaded Documents History:

The Application Documents table includes a record of the date and time (Eastern) the files were uploaded, the File Name, the Document Type, and which user uploaded it. You will also see the upload noted in the Application Notes portion of the Application Details as well.

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