Submit a Customer Application

Submitting a customer’s lease application using InfoHub is fast and easy. We provide instant credit decisions for transactions under $10K, and credit decisions within 4-business hours for higher value transactions.

Accessing the “Submit an Application” Screen:

To get started, log into InfoHub. Click here to learn more about logging into InfoHub.

From the home screen, you can click the “Submit an Application” Quick Link button to begin the submission process.

Or from any screen within InfoHub, select “Submit an Application” from the Applications drop-down menu in the main navigation menu at the top of the screen.

If you are on a mobile device, you can access the navigation menu by clicking the mobile menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the TimePayment logo. Expand and collapse the mobile menu from any screen by clicking that icon. To submit an application through the mobile menu, click the menu icon once to expand the main menu of options, and select “Applications” from the menu. This will expand a submenu with options, click “Submit an Application”.

Do You Have Multiple Dealer Codes?
  • If you have multiple dealer codes, make sure you are logged into InfoHub using the correct dealer code that you wish to submit the application under. You will NOT be able to switch dealer codes once you start the application. If you attempt to change your dealer code during the process of submitting an application, you will lose your work and have to start the application over again. We do this for security purposes for the protection of you and your customers.
  • If you have multiple dealer codes, your current dealer code will be displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. To switch your dealer code, click the person icon to expand the User Settings drop-down menu and select “Switch Dealer Code”. Click here to learn more about switching dealer codes.
  • It's important to select the appropriate Vendor for each transaction because their information will be used to automatically populate the Lease Agreement Documents using ReadyDocs™.

Submitting an Application:

You will be brought to a new screen displaying the brief 5-step application process. Once you complete Step 1, the other steps will expand with the fields you need to populate to submit the application.

1. Select Application Type:

The first step in the process is identifying if you wish to submit a “Commercial” or “Consumer” transaction. Select “Commercial” if your customer is using this equipment for their business, select “Consumer” if the equipment is for personal use.

2. Lessee Information:

If you select “Commercial” the “Lessee Information” in step 2 will ask you for the business details (address, business type, years in business, etc.), if you select “Consumer”, the Lessee Information fields ask for the customer's personal information (address, phone, SSN, etc.). All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Consumer Applications:

If you are submitting a consumer lease application, provide all the required fields. We ask for basic identifying information such as their full name, home address, date of birth (lessees must be at least 18 years or older), and social security number.  We ask for a current phone number and email address to contact your customer with communications regarding their lease application and later verification that the equipment was delivered.

If the application details are inaccurate or incomplete, this will impede our ability to make a quick credit decision and will delay your transaction. If we cannot contact the customer for verification, TimePayment will not be able to fund you for the transaction, so please ensure you enter your customers' details accurately.

Commercial Application:

If you are submitting a commercial lease application, provide all the required fields marked with an asterisk such as:

Legal Name of the Business: This is the company name as it appears on the business license or state filing. If your customer uses a name other than the legal business name, please also enter the alternative business name in the “Doing Business As (DBA) Name” field.

Business Address and Phone Number: The business address and phone number should be of an official place of business where the equipment being leased will be located.

Business Type: Whether the business is a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, or sole proprietorship.

Federal Tax ID: We require the federal tax ID number for the legal business if there are no personal guarantors added to the lease in step 4. If the customer is unsure of what their Federal Tax ID is, click here for help.

Time in Business: You can enter the customer's time in business using either years or months. By default, this field assumes you are entering years, but if you have a new business that has been in operation for less than a year, click the circle next to “Months” to indicate the number entered is how many months the customer has been in business.

Lessee Contact Information: We ask for a lessee contact name and email address. We will use this person as a point of contact within your customer's business to communicate about this lease.

Lessee Billing Address: Your customer's primary place of business may not be the same location as their billing center. If your customer has a separate billing address where they wish to receive their invoices from TimePayment, complete this section with that information. If their primary address is also their billing address, click the box next to “Same as above” to auto-populate this section for you. Your customers will also have the opportunity to make payments online through our MyAccount Manager customer portal once they receive their first invoice.

3. Dealer / Equipment Information:

This section is the same for both commercial and consumer transactions. We want to know more about the equipment your customer wishes to lease, and help track who's submitting deals for future reporting.

  • Dealer Code: This is your dealer code with TimePayment. This field is not editable and is displaying the dealer code you are submitting the lease application under. If you wish to submit this application under a dealer code other than the one displayed here, you will need to switch dealer codes and start over.
  • Dealer Office & Salesperson: InfoHub allows for large vendor organizations and brokerages to track multiple office locations and individual salespersons. Make sure each employee in your organization is setup with their own InfoHub account for this type of organization within your accounts and InfoHub reporting.

    If you are a company admin user, you will be able to select which office and salesperson you wish to enter the application under. If you are an individual sales representative, you will see your office and name in these fields and will not be able to edit them.
  • Desired Product: This is where you will select the type of lease product or program that you are submitting. The options visible in this drop-down menu will depend on what program codes you were setup with when you became an authorized TimePayment vendor, what industry you are in, and whether you are submitting a commercial or consumer application. You can change this before creating your lease documents if needed.
  • Desired Term: The term is the length of the lease, e.g. 21 months, 45 months, etc. You will not be able to select a term until you select a product from the “Desired Product” dropdown because the Desired Term field is dependent on the Desired Product field.These are both just the “desired” Product and Term. If TimePayment approves your customer's application, the next step is for the customer to select their lease product/program/term. Use our Lease Quote Tool to quote the monthly payments for each product, or sign up for our VendorDesk Service and we’ll call your customers and explain their options to them on your behalf.
  • Dealer Reference Number: This field is not required. We provided it in case you wish to enter your own invoice or customer reference number for easier record keeping and deal tracking across systems.
  • Total Equipment Costs: Please provide an estimate of the total equipment costs, including any commissions. If TimePayment approves your customer's application, we will provide the credit decision and the maximum amount of money we will fund for this customer if less than the amount requested. That means, if they ask for $5,000, we may only approve them for $4,500.
  • Desired Monthly Base Payment: If your customer has a specific monthly budget they wish to stick to, enter their desired monthly base payment here. Again, this can be adjusted before creating the required lease documents.
  • Equipment Type: Please select the one option from the drop-down menu that best categorizes the type of equipment your customer wishes to lease. You can provide more details in the “Equipment Description” field.
  • Equipment Description: For the equipment description, we just need some basic details like the quantity and type of equipment, for example, “1 commercial electric range, 1 convection oven, 3 standard ovens”. If you prefer, you can also copy and paste this information from an estimate you've provided to your customer, or off of your website's product details, etc.

    If TimePayment approves your customer's application, we will ask you to provide an invoice for the exact equipment being leased when you submit the final lease documents for review and approval.
  • Equipment Condition: Please indicate if the equipment being leased will be new or used. TimePayment allows for either option, but the condition of the equipment is important for us to be aware of.
NOTE: If the application details are inaccurate or incomplete, this will impede our ability to make a quick credit decision and will delay your transaction. If we cannot contact the customer for verification, TimePayment will not be able to fund you for the transaction, so please ensure you enter your customers' details accurately.

4. Owner/ Guarantor Information:

If this application is for a business alone and has no personal guarantors, check the “No Guarantor” box in the section heading to skip these fields.

  • If you have begun to enter information into the Guarantor fields, but change your mind and wish to submit a business-alone application, you can check this box to clear all the fields.
  • Remember, if you are submitting a business-alone application, you must include the company's federal tax ID # in step 2 or you will receive an error message when you attempt to submit the application.
  • To be eligible for business-alone credit with no guarantors, the business must be at least 3 years old, verified through Secretary of State records, and must have established business credit available via Dun & Bradstreet.
  • You can add multiple guarantors to a commercial lease application.

If you are adding guarantors, We ask that you provide the title the guarantor holds at the business.
Acceptable guarantors include:

a. President
b. Vice President
c. CEO
d. CFO
e. COO
f. Treasurer
g. Director

a. Member
b. Managing Member
c. President

a. Partner
b. Owner

Sole Prop:
a. Owner

5. Submit the Application

You can choose to enter a note to TimePayment regarding the application in the "Application Notes" box, or print / save a PDF copy of the application for your records by clicking the blue "Print Application" button.

Once you've completed all the required fields, you must check the box to indicate you have permission to submit the application on the Lessee's behalf, and then click the yellow “Submit Application” button to submit your customer's lease application.

You will know you have successfully submitted an application when the application screen disappears and you are brought to a thank you page displaying the application number, the preliminary credit decision (Approved, Pending, or Declined) and two buttons for your next actions, "View Application Details" or "Submit another Application."

This assigned application number is what you can use to track the status of your applications within the Status Report / Application Search screen when logged into InfoHub.

We will send you an email confirmation with a summary of the application.

Congratulations, you just submitted an application!