InfoHub™ Help Center

InfoHub™ Help Center

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Get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How do I print a quote sheet for my customer?
Follow these steps to quickly and easily generate and customize quote sheets with the Customer Quote Tool.

How do I know which Applications need my attention?
We've created an Application Pipeline Dashboard so you never lose track of a deal again!

How do I know what to do next for each transaction?
We've created an Application Details page that captures all the activity on an application to keep you organized.

How do I check the status of an Application?
Learn how to use our versatile search tool to see the latest status of any deal.

How do I create and submit Lease Documents?
Learn how to create lease documents and obtain eSignatures using InfoHub's ReadyDocs.

How do I request changes to an Application?
Learn how to request changes and upload supporting documents from the Application Details Page.

Mobile Device Bookmark Directions

iOS (Apple) Bookmark Directions
Apple Bookmark Instructions:
  1. From your device's Home screen, tap the Safari icon to open a web browser.
  2. Enter into the browser address bar.
  3. Tap on the Share icon located at the bottom of your screen to bring up the iOS Share Sheet.
  4. Tap the Add Bookmark option on the Share Sheet.
  5. The Add Bookmark screen should now list the InfoHub URL. Tap Save.
  6. You’re done!
Android Bookmark Directions
Android Bookmark Directions:
  1. From your device's Home screen, open your preferred browser (e.g. Chrome).
  2. Enter into the browser address bar.
  3. Tap the settings button (three vertical dots, locating in the top right of the screen).
  4. Press the Star symbol, it will turn yellow to acknowledge you've added a bookmark.
  5. You’re done!