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From CCTV to IoT Home Automation, the TimePayment dedicated security finance experts offer innovative financial tools that make your equipment easier to buy by helping them maximize recurring revenue.

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There are over 300,000 security integrators competing across the country that need your equipment. Here’s what we heard them say:

“Our client’s don’t push back on price if we’ve done our job the right way. This is a payment plan business. We may bundle or even have separate financing contracts in some cases… but one payment for the whole thing and they’re happy. Our customer doesn’t even think of it as financing it’s a payment program.”

“Selling security is selling confidence. If they are confident of signing up with us we make it simple to complete the transaction—I keep their confidence.”

Your customer’s ability to win, grow and scale their company depends on the affordable acquisition of the equipment required to create a profitable recurring revenue stream. TimePayment offers manufacturers, distributors, and integrators innovative financial solutions that drive more sales.

Technology Innovation Drives New Opportunity

Security Industry Market chart

According to ASIS International and the SIA 2018 Industry Fundamentals, the U.S Security market is expected to reach $75 billion by 2023 from $45 billion in 2018, at a CAGR of 10.40%.

The growth of the commercial and home security system market is attributed to the emergence of IoT and wireless technologies and increasing customer awareness. Moreover, the integration of AI and deep learning in home security systems and the worldwide proliferation of “smart cities” initiatives are creating substantial growth opportunities for players in the market. As demand increases and competitive pressures squeeze hardware margins, your sales growth hangs in the balance.

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Help Customers Grow Recurring Revenues & Sell More

Manufacturers, distributors, and integrators trust TimePayment financial tools to make your equipment easier to buy. With innovative tools that easily integrate into your website and sales process, we can help your customers see a simple monthly payment that fits into recurring revenue streams so you can confidently take action—allowing you to sell more…faster.

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Why Choose TimePayment?

Committed to Financing for Security Firms
In an environment where many financing companies may not understand the recurring revenue nature of the business and the technologies required, TimePayment has a long-time commitment to the industry.

Never let time kill your deal again
From credit decisions in seconds to fast funding, we give you the tools to quickly get the deal off the street.

Easier to Sell
Whether an online quote tool or marketing support, TimePayment gives your sales team the education, resources and innovative technology tools to close deals.

Comprehensive coverage of the equipment and technologies you need
TimePayment offers turn-key financing starting at only $500 for a wide variety of security assets. Additionally, by providing financing for installation, design and even assets beyond what your company sells, you can make it easier for your customers to choose your company over the competition.

Help more potential customers
From startups to decades-old, regional integrators and strong credit backgrounds to those that have had more challenging times, TimePayment can help a wide range of business and ownership backgrounds.

Keep your cash
TimePayment financing allows customers to preserve their cash and primary banking relationships for things like payroll and inventory, rather than investing in depreciating assets. By lessening the cash required to make a deal happen, you can remove the biggest obstacle to sales growth.

Are customer financial limitations standing in the way of your sales growth?
If you sell security and surveillance equipment of any kind, learn more about our Vendor Program or fill out this brief contact form to talk to a TimePayment industry specialist today.

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Equipment Financed

  • Commercial Security
  • Badge Detection Systems
  • Access Door Controls
  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Security Cameras
  • Recording Systems
  • Fingerprint Scanners
  • Vaults & Fire-Proof Safes
  • Data Security
  • Backup and Recovery Systems
  • Network Monitoring
  • Biometric Access
  • Redundant Storage
  • Remote Monitoring Programs
  • Encryption & File Sharing Tools
  • Secure Network Storage Devices
  • Home Security
  • Residential Monitoring
  • Home Automation Devices
  • Smoke Detectors & Fire Suppression
  • Security Cameras & Wireless Cams
  • Radon & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Heat Sensors & Fire Extinguishers
  • Motion Detectors & Alarm Systems
  • Home & Whole House Security Systems
  • Security Professionals
  • Two-Way Radios & Intercoms
  • Immobilization Sprays & Tasers
  • Electric Vehicles & Carts
  • Security Camera Networks
  • Sensor Networks & Alert Systems
  • Complete Security Equipment Product Line

Are customer financial issues standing in the way of your sales growth? Join our vendor program today.

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