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From refrigerated merchandisers in retail stores to concession stands in sports venues to walk-in freezers in restaurant kitchens, refrigeration and vending equipment keep customers satisfied and preserves revenue. Unfortunately, the high upfront cost of these hard-working machines can get in the way of rapidly starting a business or minimizing downtime when a replacement is needed. We can help.

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Sell more refrigeration and vending equipment. Faster.

Whether your company is an online wholesaler or a niche supplier of refrigeration and vending equipment, TimePayment makes your equipment easier to buy. With innovative tools that easily integrate into your website and sales process, we can help your customers see a simple monthly payment, confidently take action and you can sell more…faster.

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Why Choose TimePayment?

Committed to Financing Refrigeration & Vending Equipment
In an environment where most financing companies shy away from the businesses that depend on this equipment or are hesitant using the assets as collateral, TimePayment has a long-time commitment to the industry.

Never let time kill your deal again
From credit decisions in seconds to fast funding, we give you the tools to quickly turn shoppers into buyers and get the deal off the street.

Easier to Sell
Whether an online quote tool or marketing support, TimePayment gives your sales team the education, resources and innovative technology tools to close deals.

Financing a wider range of equipment
TimePayment offers turn-key financing starting at only $500 for peanut roasters to ATMs and just about anything in between. Additionally, by providing financing for installation, delivery, design and even assets beyond what your company sells, you can make it easier for your customers to choose your company over the competition.

Help more potential customers
From startups to decades-old, multi-location franchises with strong credit backgrounds to those that have had more challenging times, TimePayment can help a wide range of business and ownership backgrounds

Let them keep their cash
TimePayment financing allows customers to preserve their cash and primary banking relationships for things like payroll and inventory, rather than investing in depreciating assets. By lessening the cash required to make a deal happen, you remove the largest obstacle to closing more business.

Are customer financial limitations standing in the way of your sales growth?
If you sell refrigeration and vending equipment, learn more about our Vendor Program or fill out this brief contact form to talk to a TimePayment industry specialist today.

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Equipment Financed

  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Commercial Ice Machines
  • Coolers & Glass Frosters
  • Refrigerated Merchandisers
  • Reach-In Refrigerators
  • Beverage Cases
  • Food Service Refrigerators
  • Chest Freezers
  • Vending Machines
  • Soda Machines
  • Candy Vending Machines
  • Product Dispensers
  • Coffee Machines
  • Drink & Snack Vending Machines
  • Cold & Frozen Food Vending Machines
  • Laundry Soap Vending Machines
  • Restroom Vending Machines
  • Concession Equipment
  • Griddles, Deep Fryers & Ovens
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Soda Fountains & Slush Machines
  • Food Warmers & Heater Displays
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Concession Stands & Carts
  • Hot Dog Steamers & Roller Grills
  • Peanut Roasters
  • Retail & Currency
  • ATMs & Cash Machines
  • Change Machines
  • Display Cases & Merchandisers
  • POS Systems & Payment Terminals
  • Self-Checkout Machines
  • Pay Phones
  • Currency & Bill Counters
  • Coin Sorting & Rolling Machines
  • Complete Refrigeration & Vending Equipment Product Line

Are customer financial issues standing in the way of your sales growth? Join our vendor program today.

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