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Automotive Repair & Diagnostic Equipment Financing

Outfit your auto service facility right with help from our financial tools

Financing your automotive equipment with TimePayment lets you get the service tools you need right away, without the upfront costs. By financing your auto repair, service, and detailing equipment, you can use the revenue your business generates to manage your monthly payments, keeping cash available for other expenses. From paint booths to alignment machines and everything in between, financing your equipment through TimePayment gives you the power to keep your customers’ cars, and your business, running smoothly.

Our financial products are designed to help you build a new business or upgrade to modern equipment quickly and simply, whether you need four-post lifts for your service bays, diagnostic computers to stay competitive with OEM service departments, touchless carwash equipment, or even dealership showroom furniture. No matter what your needs may be, TimePayment’s automotive equipment financing specialists are here to help you turbocharge your success.

If you don't already have an auto service equipment provider in mind, our friendly support team will help match you up with a TimePayment-authorized vendor ready to serve you. If you are an automotive equipment manufacturer or provider, learn more about our Vendor Program or our Lease Broker Program.

Don't let a financial roadblock put the brakes on your future. Apply today.

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Benefits of Financing with TimePayment

There are many benefits to financing your equipment purchase with TimePayment, including:

Automotive Diagnostic and Repair Equipment Examples

Below are some examples of auto repair and diagnostic equipment and tools that can be financed with TimePayment's Automotive Equipment Finance Programs. If you don't see what you are looking for on this list, don't worry! Contact us to see if the equipment you need is eligible for financing.

Auto Body Equipment
  • Frame Alignment Machines
  • Automotive Paint Booths
  • Infrared Curing Lamps
  • Spray Guns & Compressors
  • Arc, TIG, & MIG Welding Machines, Rigs, & Torches
  • Media Blasting, Soda Blasting, & Sandblasting Cabinets
  • Rotisseries
  • Windshield & Glass Replacement Adhesive Ovens
Automotive Lifts
  • 2 Post / 4 Post Lifts
  • Bumper Lifts
  • In-Ground Lifts
  • Low-Rise Lifts
  • Motorcycle Lifts
  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • Vehicle & Wheel Dollies
  • Transmission Jacks & Stands
  • Shop Cranes
  • Engine Stands
Diagnostic Equipment
  • Emissions Testing Equipment
  • Diagnostic Computers & Software
  • Leak Detection Systems
  • Alignment Machines & Computers
  • A/C Recharge & Testing Equipment
  • Fuel Pressure & Engine Compression Testers & Gauges
  • Timing Lights
Auto Service Equipment
  • Tire Changers & Mounting Tools
  • Wheel Balancing Machines
  • Brake Lathes
  • Impact Guns & Air Wrenches
  • Air Compressors
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Tool Chests & Toolboxes
  • Power Brake Bleeders
  • Suspension Compressors
  • Exhaust Pipe Expanders & Mandrel Benders
  • Bushing, Bearing, & Shop Presses
Car Wash, Detailing, & Other Equipment
  • Auto Shop Management Software
  • Car Wash & Detailing Equipment
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Gas Station Equipment
  • Dealership Furniture
  • Garage & Car Storage Lifts
  • Garage Doors
  • Signage & Business Graphics
  • POS & Payment Processing Equipment

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    Auto Equipment Vendor Spotlight

    Hear a TimePayment-authorized automotive equipment vendor, Sundance Carson the General Manager of Big Rig Truck Accessories, discuss the benefits of working with TimePayment to provide his customers with state-of-the-art financial services.

    Learn more about the TimePayment Vendor Program.

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    Customer Testimonial

    Hear Charles Butcher, owner of a successful food truck business in Florida, discuss utilizing TimePayment to finance a generator and other equipment he needed to establish and expand his business, Loafin’ Around Cafe.

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