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"Smart" as-low-as pricing showcases affordable financing option.

In online sales, affordability is key to keeping your customer engaged and moving forward with a purchase. And when you can highlight just how affordable your equipment can be and offer customers a simple, online financing resource you’ll have a complete online sales solution that’s a true winner.

SmartApply™ will automatically calculate and display an “As Low As” price on your eligible products to provide your customers with the most complete view of product purchase options possible, and a direct link to our one-page equipment lease application. Customers can fill out the application form in minutes and receive a credit decision in seconds!

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SmartApply™ Buttons

Display Auto-Calculated Low Monthly Payments

SmartApply™ buttons can be added to eligible products on your website, which will automatically calculate and display an “As Low As” price to present your customers with an appealing affordable monthly payment option as they browse your web store. We also offer CartApply™, which will estimate the low monthly payment on your customer's total shopping cart.

TimePayment’s SmartApply™ application enriches your eCommerce display, and provides a direct link to a financing application that is already pre-populated with the selected equipment's price and product descriptions, making it even easier to complete online purchases.

"About Financing" Landing Pages

Boost your customer's buying knowledge

An educated customer is a confident customer. Our "About Financing" landing pages help your customers learn a little bit more about their financing and leasing options before completing their applications.

If you don't have time to create your own web page explaining the benefits of leasing to your customers, we've done it for you! Simply select this option when placing your SmartApply™ order.

Integrated with TimePayment InfoHub™

Never lose track of a deal again!

Once your customer completed a lease application, your customer's information will be processed using our proprietary credit scoring system, and the results will be shared with you and your customer via email. Further information will be available within your TimePayment InfoHub™ dashboard.

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Additional Options Available

Your website may also be compatible with one of our other eCommerce solutions. EasyApply™ is compatible with any website regardless of eCommerce functionality, CartApply™ is ideal for shopping cart integrations, and for custom web development we recommend utilizing the TimePayment API.