ReadyDocs™ Electronic Documents & eSignatures

Create, Send, Sign. Done.

Easily auto-populate digital documents and obtain electronic signatures with ReadyDocs™

By completing your leasing documents utilizing ReadyDocs™ auto-populated digital documents and electronic signatures, your sales team will be able to dramatically accelerate the time it takes to generate documents, send them to your customer, and obtain a signature to complete the transaction.

While other finance providers only deliver a hybrid paper-to-digital workflow, TimePayment offers equipment sellers and lease brokers a complete end-to-end digital transaction process. Enable your customers the opportunity to apply, receive a credit decision, and complete documentation, all from their home or office, inside of 10 minutes! This capability is a tremendous advantage for remote sales teams, providing them with the tools to complete financing transactions while at a customer site, or a remote sales office, without the need for paperwork.

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Safety & Security

ReadyDocs™ is secure, legally enforceable, and meets all industry and regulatory compliance standards.

Legally Binding

Electronic signatures are recognized as enforceable and legally valid in the U.S. and over 25 other countries.

Easily Managed

Make managing, organizing, and auditing your files easier, faster, and safer. Never lose a contract again!

Actually More Secure

E-Signatures are often more secure than pen & paper signatures, due to multiple protections and certifications required.

PCI Compliance

ReadyDocs™ technology complies with all industry security standards, including HIPAA and PCI v3.0.

How ReadyDocs™ Works

What are eSignatures?

eSignatures, electronic signatures, and digital signatures.

"Electronic signatures" (also known as an "e-signatures") are a legally recognized alternative to ink and paper signatures, and are used to indicate consent or approval on a digital document or form. A "digital signature" is a specific implementation of an eSignature that requires the signer to have a certificate-based digital ID.

You can utilize TimePayment's ReadyDocs™ to create electronic lease documents for direct delivery to your customers’ inboxes, where they can review and sign electronically.

Integrated with TimePayment InfoHub™

Utilize our dealer portal to streamline your workflow.

TimePayment InfoHub™ provides direct access to ReadyDocs™, delivering clear alternatives to vendors and brokers that are working with geographically diverse customers. When it comes time to document a transaction, the vendor or broker can elect to print documents for in-person signature, or direct the documents to a customers’ email account for electronic signature – all at the click of a button.

Integrate with Your eCommerce Website

Sell more online, enable customers to obtain financing

By integrating TimePayment Now™ into your existing eCommerce shopping cart your website can provide an online shopping experience complete with customized financing options, credit decisions and documented transactions for your customers, and direct payment for you – all within 10 minutes. TimePayment Now™ easily integrates into your existing environment, enabling a clear payment alternative for your customers, and a differentiator for your website.

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