Make It Easier for Your Customers to Buy

Provide them with easy access to financing from any device.

Chances are, you have online customers abandoning their purchases every day when they realize they don’t have the funding to afford your equipment. But now there’s a way to offer those customers a quick and convenient way to complete the sale.

By adding EasyApply™ to your website, you can provide your customers with the wide range of financing options available through TimePayment. Clicking the EasyApply™ link will let your customers quickly and easily apply for the financing they need to purchase your equipment. Customers can fill out the application form in minutes and receive a credit decision in seconds!

Your customers can access EasyApply™ from their desktop, tablet, or smart phone. And installing EasyApply™ links, buttons, and banners on your website is simple. You can even email the EasyApply™ link directly to your customers!

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One-Click, One-Stop Financing

Easy applications, instant credit decisions

Clicking the EasyApply™ link takes your customers to an application site or to an introductory "About Financing" page, all displaying your name and logo. The application is easy to fill out. And customers will receive instant credit decisions for purchases under $10K.

"About Financing" Landing Pages

Boost your customer's buying knowledge

An educated customer is a confident customer. Our "About Financing" landing pages help your customers learn a little bit more about their financing and leasing options before completing their applications.

If you don't have time to create your own web page explaining the benefits of leasing to your customers, we've done it for you! Simply select this option when placing your EasyApply™ order.

EasyApply™ Buttons

The right design for your website

Putting an EasyApply™ button on your web pages reminds customers how easy it is for them to finance their purchases. EasyApply™ buttons come in a variety of designs. Choose the perfect color and messaging to fit your look and sales pitch. Place buttons in your website head or footer, on your product pages, and more!

Promotional Banners

Catch their eye and close the sale

Don’t make financing hard for your customers to find on your website. Choose an eye-catching promotional banner from our gallery. Our ready-made banners offer a variety of designs, colors, and messaging.

Send Links via Email

No online pricing? No problem!

If you choose not to post equipment pricing information on your website, EasyApply™ can still help you increase your sales. Simply email the EasyApply™ link to customers with questions about financing. Easy for you, easy for them!

Integrated with TimePayment InfoHub™

Never lose track of a deal again!

Once your customer completed a lease application, your customer's information will be processed using our proprietary credit scoring system, and the results will be shared with you and your customer via email. Further information will be available within your TimePayment InfoHub™ dashboard.

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Additional Options Available

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