Pets Need Far More Grooming in Winter – Are You Ready to Handle the Increased Workload?

Pets Need Far More Grooming in Winter – Are You Ready to Handle the Increased Workload?

Cats and dogs are inherently well-equipped to weather harsh winter conditions, naturally protected from the elements by their thick coats of insulating fur. In the wild, this is just one of many adaptations that allows them to survive and even thrive in conditions other animals simply can’t tolerate. Our domesticated pets have the luxury of living indoors, but they do need to get outside regularly, and anything from a quick bathroom break to a brisk frolic in the snow leaves them dirty and wet from head to tail. Shaking off water does a decent job of drying a pet’s coat in warmer months, but in winter, snow and ice cling to fur, keeping it damp far longer and making the unpleasant odor of wet animal hair a daily reality.

Without their trusty garden hoses to come to the rescue, pet owners will be making more frequent trips to their favorite groomer to keep their furry friends looking great and smelling fresh. The additional time pets spend indoors in winter also means less opportunity to wear down their claws and nails walking on rough surfaces and digging at the earth, so trimming and clipping needs to happen more often as well. All that inside time also means more time shedding fur, and owners of fluffier cats and dogs are all too happy to bring them in for brush-outs rather than spend the season chained to their vacuum cleaners.

This all adds up to more jobs for your grooming company, so if you want to take advantage of the profit potential that winter conditions bring, you need to make sure all of your equipment is ready to handle it – and you need sufficient grooming tools to manage the volume if you want to bring in new business that would otherwise go to your competitors. Now is the best time to replace worn-out clippers, grooming dryers, and bathing tubs, and upgrading to heavier-duty hydraulic lift tables and larger pens and cages now means you’ll be able to work with everything from Maltese to Mastiffs. All of that extra effort will be hard on you and your staff too, so while you’re adding more high-efficiency bathing systems, make sure you invest in the latest ergonomically designed groomers’ stools to keep your body free from fatigue.

Upgrading your equipment and adding more capacity before the winter rush positions your company to generate more business, but the upfront cost of outfitting your pet grooming salon with the right tools to handle the demand can be prohibitive. Luckily, financing your pet grooming equipment through a company like TimePayment gets you the equipment you need right away, and allows you to pay for it over time in manageable monthly installments. Best of all, since you can start using your new equipment immediately, you can pay for it with the additional revenue your upgraded tools generate. Financing new grooming equipment for your business helps you put more profit in the bank every month, so now is the best time to make sure your company is ready to make this winter your best one yet.

To learn more about leasing your professional pet grooming equipment, the financial products available to you, and how you can profit more without expanding your existing facility, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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