Is Your Auto Repair Equipment Ready for Pothole Season?

Is Your Auto Repair Equipment Ready for Pothole Season?

Is the automotive equipment in your shop ready for the oncoming rush of this spring’s pothole season? Every spring, thousands upon thousands of cars throughout the U.S. fall victim to the potholes created by a harsh winter and the ensuing spring thaw. If the electronic alignment, frame straightening, and tire changing equipment in your auto body or tire shop isn’t ready to do a high volume of business for you, do you have a plan on how to finance the purchase of new automotive equipment?

Just how big is the pothole problem?

According to the New York Times, one NY metro city is experiencing a 65% increase in potholes this year from last year. Massachusetts, one of the hardest hit states this winter, has dedicated $30 million to help cities and towns repair potholes.

So what does that mean for you?

Last year, AAA estimated the “annual tab for pothole damage is likely to set motorists in the USA back nearly $6.4 billion.” How does a potential 65% increase in the number of potholes impact that number? How much of the local pothole damage repair opportunity can you capture?

Now is the time to ask yourself if your current automotive equipment is up to the task of the expected increase in customer demand. Do you have enough equipment to service all those cars in a reasonable amount of time? How much business would you lose if your equipment broke as a result of the increased workload? Do you have a plan to replace equipment if it breaks, or even add new equipment to meet this demand?

The economy fluctuates regularly, and it’s hard to plan around Mother Nature. But what is the bane of car drivers’ existences right now, is a boon to the owners of automotive repair and tire shops.

If you are worried you can’t take advantage of this surge in car repairs because of your finances, you might want to look into financing new automotive equipment. It just might be the way for you to meet your customers’ needs while earning more revenue.

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