Understanding Restaurant Industry Trends Can Help You Sell More Restaurant Equipment

Understanding Restaurant Industry Trends Can Help You Sell More Restaurant Equipment

Guiding your Restaurant Equipment Buyers in a complex environment

If you’re in the restaurant equipment business, your customers rely on you to guide them through some pretty complex challenges. Whether you are working with them on new restaurant equipment to support their first commercial kitchen, discussing an upgraded fixture to expand their fifty-first location, or just replacing a unit within their single restaurant, they need strong counsel on how to make each restaurant equipment purchase cost effective.

And that makes sense – restaurants are a capital intensive business, and even great restaurants can fail if there isn’t keen attention paid to cash management. Today those challenges are even more diverse as changing demographics and evolving customer expectations compel restaurateurs to not just keep standard equipment operating effectively, but also to expand investments to address new technology and changing tastes.

Fail to keep your customers’ equipment current, and their restaurant will fall behind. Finding ways to keep them in front of that curve keeps both of your businesses growing.

But the challenges are not always easy – or consistent

And even the challenges themselves are double-edged. Demographically, the dining public is aging and seniors are starting to represent a larger percentage of the dollars spent in fine dining restaurants. Meeting their needs for a consistent, quality experience with proven menu items requires keeping standard equipment in top shape.

However, growth segments in healthy dining and international foods often require new and different kitchen equipment. Sous vide and Idli boxes represent just a fraction of the wide variety of equipment and techniques that are gaining popularity. It’s not just the additional kitchen space that the new tools require; evolving means that a strained capital budget now has to support both old and new kitchen prep tools.

It’s not just the kitchen that needs help

The needs are just as diverse in the front of house. In a recent survey, almost 70% of restaurant owners identified planned investment in enhanced mobile device technology in the next 12 months. And the uses for these new POS/Mobile solutions are exploding.

Beyond technology support for simple website representation and maintenance of an effective social web presence, mobile technologies are now available to manage reservations, enhance menu display, enable tableside ordering and of course, payment. All of which provide significant advantages to restaurateurs that are looking for reporting tools that can be accessed from anywhere to keep them informed at all times. Each of these technology tools delivers value – but how many of these capabilities can be supported by a given budget, and which of these items will be obsolete in months?

We understand, and we can help

We can’t predict technology or customer taste changes, but we can say that we’re continually looking for ways to help you guide your customers through these very complex challenges, as we know that effective restaurant equipment financing will be a key component of any solution you recommend.

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  1. Jessie Harrison says:

    I’m not trying to sell or buy restaurant equipment. I did want to see what the latest trends of today are. Knowing what the trends are can definitely help you sell more equipment, but it can help with buying too. A friend of mine is a restaurant owner and I know she’s having issues finding new equipment.

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