Leasing Gym Equipment Can Reduce Membership Turnover

Leasing Gym Equipment Can Reduce Membership Turnover

According to Men’s Fitness magazine, the number one reason they recommend “dumping your gym” is “broken equipment not getting fixed in time.” In fact, the article goes on to say that broken equipment is “often a sign of an apathetic gym owner or of a gym that cannot afford the repairs and may go under soon.”  If a quick glance around your gym shows some obviously out-of-order equipment, then leasing fitness equipment may be a great choice for you.

While there are more than 50 million Americans who belong to gyms and fitness clubs, 40% of them drop their memberships each year. Have you looked at your membership data recently? Are you losing more members than you are gaining? If so, you need to look deeper into what that data may mean. And, given what Men’s Fitness recommends to consumers, you should start by looking at the fitness equipment in your gym.

During the summer many owners consider holding off on maintenance until the fall when member activity rises.  While fixing a broken treadmill might seem to you like a minor issue and hassle, to your clients it might feel like a major indicator about the “health” of your gym. Think about the mindset of a typical gym member. They’ve had a long day at work, and they want to squeeze in a quick workout before heading home. Finding a broken machine one time too many may just send that member running to the club down the street.

The problem, of course, is that repairing or replacing fitness equipment can be costly. One way to repair or replace your equipment in a way that makes financial sense is to start leasing fitness equipment. It is surprisingly easy to do, and it provides a quick way to make sure you have great, working equipment for your existing and new members. After all, losing too many members would be much more costly in the long run than making sure you have working equipment. Look into your options for leasing fitness equipment.

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