Widen Your Sales Funnel & Improve Customer Service with Mobile Office Equipment

Widen Your Sales Funnel & Improve Customer Service with Mobile Office Equipment

You probably already know that outfitting your staff with the latest mobile office technology like tablets, laptops, and smartphones can increase their productivity. What you may not realize is that setting up your team with the latest tools for business mobility also opens up a number of opportunities to make your business stronger. Mobile office equipment can be employed to strengthen your customer service, improve client satisfaction, and give your sales team more opportunities to pick up leads and close deals.

Businesses that employ field service technicians, such as appliance repair companies, electricians, plumbers, and home security vendors, are using mobile technology as a means of gathering instant feedback from customers at the time of their service visits. By handing your customer a tablet and asking them to fill out a pre-loaded customer service survey on the spot, you increase your chances of getting valuable feedback while it is fresh in your customers’ minds.

Not only does this increase the value of your feedback loop, it makes customers happy to feel that their opinions matter. You can even incentivize them to fill out the surveys by giving them a rebate or future discount for providing their information. Of course, your techs will also be able to use their tablets as valuable reference tools if they get stuck on a difficult job.

Mobile business tools also allow for more precise job tracking and estimation in real time. This can be extremely valuable both as a time-saving measure and as a means of closing deals. For example, contractors at job sites can price materials while taking measurements, calculate costs, and send written estimates to their customers before they leave for the next job – rather than drawing up paperwork later and delaying delivery while someone else may have a chance to submit another bid. Home services professionals like cleaners, dog walkers, and landscapers can book future appointments when they finish a job, increasing repeat business. Insurance appraisers can even assess damage and calculate repair costs to vehicles and property and cut checks on the spot.

You can also enable your sales team to broaden their funnels with mobile technology, by giving them more opportunities to turn interactions with prospects into leads and even closed sales. At a trade show or sponsored event, your employees can use tablets or smartphones to encourage attendees to sign up for promotions, giveaways, discounts, and more – putting more names on your mailing list and increasing your conversion rates. You can even use mobile payment tools to allow your customers to pay you via services like PayPal or with a physical credit card, anywhere and anytime. This means more closed deals while prospects are most engaged, and less opportunity for payments to be delayed.

These are just a few examples; the possibilities that mobile office technology offers for process improvement, increased profits, and sales volume are virtually limitless. For many companies, the only thing standing in the way of adopting mobile technology is the initial cost of setting up their employees with pricey tech – and the need to upgrade it regularly. If you find yourself in this position, you no longer need to be held back by the upfront investment required to employ workforce mobility.

Financing your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other mobile office equipment through a provider like TimePayment lets you put the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies in the hands of your staff ASAP, while allowing you to pay for it all over time in easily budgeted monthly installments. With so many opportunities to use mobile technology to strengthen and grow your business, your choice isn’t whether to take the leap, but when. By financing your mobile office technology today, your company can be ready for whatever possibilities tomorrow brings.

To learn more about leasing your mobile technology, the financial products available to you, and how you can make your business stronger with mobile office equipment, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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