Making Do With Less Equipment Actually Costs More Than You May Realize

Making Do With Less Equipment Actually Costs More Than You May Realize

Can You Really Make Do Without?

Operating an efficient warehouse takes strategy, planning, and lots of equipment. So much equipment that it can be tempting to cut corners and make do without a few items here and there in order to reduce the cost of setting up your stock and moving units.

You might think you can get away without a conveyor system so long as you have a decent forklift, or that you don’t need to put your information technology equipment on a mezzanine platform. While you can certainly do business without items like these, you might be surprised to see the gains in productivity that investing in more material-handling equipment bring.

Efficiency Reduces Costs and Increase Profits

Using the examples above, consider the scenario of using forklifts to run materials from a loading dock to a sorting station. They do a fine job, but the time the forklift and its operator spends driving from the sorting station back to the loading dock is literally wasted. Installing a conveyor system along this corridor, always running in the correct direction, can cut the time you spend on delivery intakes in half or better.

Think about that mezzanine – putting your IT equipment on such a platform not only keeps your expensive technology out of harm’s way, it also allows the space beneath to be used for storage, handling, and more, effectively doubling the usefulness of the square footage given to the mezzanine platform.

When considering the cost of making upgrades to your material-handling equipment, it can be difficult to rationalize the upfront costs of such purchases when the incremental gains in productivity will be realized over time, not right away.

Why Financing the Equipment Makes More Sense

Fortunately, there is a solution – financing your equipment through a provider like TimePayment. By employing our financial products tailored to reducing upfront cost and enabling instant productivity, you can increase your output, raise your profits, and move more units to more satisfied customers. This in turn allows your new equipment to pay for itself faster, freeing up your resources so you can focus on making your warehouse safer and more efficient with the latest advanced digital solutions.

To learn more about leasing your material-handling equipment, the financial products available to you, and how easy it can be to make your business more productive, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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