Upgrade Fitness Equipment Before the New Year’s Gym Rush

Upgrade Fitness Equipment Before the New Year’s Gym Rush

Between massive Thanksgiving feasts and the inevitable New Year’s resolutions to burn them off, lots of people will look in the mirror over the next few months and say, “I really need to get in shape!” This is a great opportunity to increase memberships or accounts at your gym, health club, or fitness center, but no matter how well you incentivize people to drop by and check out your business, chances are good that they won’t want to come back regularly unless you can offer them new, clean fitness equipment and the latest total-body workout machines. Even people who already make exercise part of their daily routine like to try something new every once in a while, so regularly replacing your equipment and adding new machines can help you win new clients and keep your regular customers from leaving for your competition, too.

Technology keeps evolving rapidly, and modern exercise equipment incorporates all kinds of new ways to attract people to a healthy, physically fit lifestyle. Machines like treadmills, elliptical trainers, steppers, and exercise bikes now often come with flat-screen TVs, interactive fitness programs, Wi-Fi hotspots and tablet docks, and ports and jacks to load and listen to all of your music from any device. Traditional free weights will always have their loyal fans, but there are now hundreds of machines that allow you to perfectly exercise each muscle in your body, each ergonomically purpose-built for one controlled motion. Not only does having these machines give your gym more visual variety to entice new clients, it also makes it as easy as possible to move from one exercise to the next without reconfiguring clumsy machinery or having to remember where you are in your routine. All of this adds up to a fitness center ready to draw in busy people who want their experience to be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, and helps you keep your regular members loyal and satisfied.

New machines can get expensive, however, and the biggest obstacle to outfitting a health club or gym with the latest cardio and strength training equipment is usually the upfront cost. Fortunately, financing your exercise and fitness equipment with a company like TimePayment gets you the equipment your business needs now, and lets you pay for it over time in manageable installments. Since your clients can start using your equipment immediately, you can pay for the upgrades with the revenue your improved facility generates.

To learn more about leasing your exercise machines and health club equipment, the financial products available to you, and how you can drive more business to your gym, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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