Expanding or Updating Your Cleaning Service Profitably

Expanding or Updating Your Cleaning Service Profitably

Sudden Growth, Sudden Expenses

If you had to replace all of your equipment at once, you recognize that you would need to be able to act fast, and to resolve the problem without bankrupting your company. (If you do find yourself in this unfortunate position, TimePayment can help). You may not have considered this yet, but being awarded a large new contract can put you in essentially the same position. In order to serve your large new client, you will either have to expand your resources in order to service the account, or compromise on or even cancel service to existing customers, potentially negating any benefit to winning your big new deal. Moreover, you will have to act fast in order to hold on to your lucrative contracts.

You may need to take on new employees in order to handle your new volume of business; this is probably less of a worry to you, as paying their salaries happens gradually over time. A bigger roadblock to your rapid growth is your imminent need to add new equipment to handle your increased workload.

Get Your Equipment Now, Pay For It Incrementally

Fortunately, TimePayment offers cleaning equipment financing that allows you to secure the tools you need to handle your new workload right away – and to pay for it incrementally, just as you do for your new employees. This approach lets you grow your company as quickly as your ability to win new business allows. It also gives you the power to amortize the costs involved so your new contracts are profitable right away, giving you money to pay your staff and to build up your cash reserves.

To learn more about leasing your cleaning equipment, the financial products available to you, and how easy it can be to upgrade your equipment or expand your company, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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