Record-Setting El Niño Is Coming This Winter. Be Prepared.

Record-Setting El Niño Is Coming This Winter. Be Prepared.

While two of the five strongest El Niños on record brought lower than average precipitation totals overall, the other three brought massive accumulations of snow. Because El Niños typically bring warmer temperatures, these winters were especially damaging due to very heavy, wet snow falling rapidly – as well as numerous ice storms.

Waiting until snow starts falling to secure the equipment your landscaping and / or snow removal business needs could be a big mistake. You will almost certainly face higher, demand-adjusted pricing, and supply may be short if many last-minute buyers find themselves in the same situation. Compounding the issue, wet and heavy snow is harder on equipment like plows and snowblowers than cold, fluffy powder, increasing the chances of older equipment breaking down when you need it most. When you put your equipment shopping list together early this year, make sure to thoroughly inspect your existing machinery so you don’t get sidelined by a broken transmission or a worn-out hydraulic line.

You should also consider the potential issues heavier snow and ice storms can bring with them; moving a lot of snow of course, but also property and landscape damage, as well as power outages that can last several days. To be prepared for anything winter can throw at you, it is good practice to keep your chainsaws in top shape year-round (or replace them in the fall if they are beyond repair) and keep at least one or two generators on hand. To run work lights for your crew while letting your unfortunate customers plug in their fridge and a space heater, you will need a generator rated for at least 3,000 running watts and 4,500 starting watts.

Of course, after a drier than average summer, you may not have as much profit on hand as you would like, and spending your reserve cash would leave you unprotected against fiscal hardship or other emergencies. That’s where financing your snow removal and winter emergency equipment with a provider like TimePayment comes in. By financing your plows, snowblowers, generators, chainsaws, and other tools, you can get what you need now (before prices start rising and inventory gets thin) and pay for it all over time in manageable installments. Winter weather may be notoriously fickle, but when you plan ahead and finance your new or replacement equipment in the fall, at least your monthly expenses will be predictable.

To learn more about leasing your landscaping and snow removal equipment, the financial products available to you, and how easy it can be to prepare for a busy winter, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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